9 Things I HATE About Addie's Helmet

Some days I hate this thing!

Even though we are on the tail end of dealing with Addie’s helmet… I can’t help but absolutely hate the thing some days.

Of course I am not going to take it off or punish her for this annoying piece of plastic… but it doesn’t mean I can’t complain about it when I finally hit my breaking point.

Which lately… I have hit.

No matter what I do it seem to be getting in the way or keeping her from sleeping. I don’t think I would ever be able to get use to snoozing in something like that and I am not surprised she lays in bed at night trying to pull it off before she finally passes out from the exhaustion of the struggle she will never win.

We will all be better off in the long run — but this week I hate this damn thing!

  • Her Hair Is ALWAYS in Her Eyes! 1 of 9
    Her Hair Is ALWAYS in Her Eyes!
    No matter how I put the helmet on for the day, or how many times I try to re-position it... her hair always ends up in her eyes!
    I refuse to cut it, even just trim it so instead I am forced to continually move it out of her eyes all day long!
  • It HURTS When We Nurse… 2 of 9
    It HURTS When We Nurse...
    That helmet is NOT soft!
    When Addie nurses it kills my arm... unless we are laying down it is the worlds most uncomfortable thing!
  • I HATE What It Does to Her Face 3 of 9
    I HATE What It Does to Her Face
    Marks! All the damn time!
    Even after they have trimmed the foam down inside the helmet it still rubs on her cheeks sometimes and it leaves these marks.
    I can't wait for it to be gone!
  • She Sweats Like a Pig! 4 of 9
    She Sweats Like a Pig!
    I hate how much she sweats under it!
    It worries me that she is going to get a cold and it makes a hot mess out of her hair!
  • I Miss Her Hair Accessories 5 of 9
    I Miss Her Hair Accessories
    I miss all the hair accessories I made and bought for her since we found out she was a girl!
    She has a huge basket that is just sitting there begging to be worn!
  • Getting Dressed is a Project! 6 of 9
    Getting Dressed is a Project!
    I HATE that I can't get clothes over the helmet!
    It is a project to get dressed for the day and then get ready for bed.
    And if we end up messy... its a pain to change in the middle of the day and she hates taking it on and off for this!
  • It Impacts Her Sleep! 7 of 9
    It Impacts Her Sleep!
    I am so over this thing affecting her sleep! She doesn't sleep good as it is... but she hates laying down with it on!
    I am running on maybe 3 hours of sleep a night since we started wearing it!
  • At the End of the Day … She Smells Like OLD CHEESE! 8 of 9
    At the End of the Day ... She Smells Like OLD CHEESE!
    No joke!
    At the end of the day from sweating under this thing all day she smells like old cheese!
    Sounds great huh? ICK!
  • I Cannot Control Her Hair Under It! 9 of 9
    I Cannot Control Her Hair Under It!
    Her hair just hates this thing ...
    I just can't win!

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