9 Things I Love About My Baby Right Now

I’m not supposed to say this, but I’m really excited for my 15-month-old to get just a little bit older. I’m eagerly anticipating the day when I’m not constantly worried about him pushing down lamps or playing Patty Cake with the flat screen TV. When he can climb the stairs on his own and when the bathroom is just another room in the house, rather than the place where he can play round after round of the riveting raise-the-toilet-lid, drop-the-toilet-lid game.

It wasn’t the same with my older son, now 3. Never having raised a child before, I hadn’t realized exactly how it feels when you go from not trusting them at all to trusting them at least a little bit. (Spoiler alert: It feels AWESOME.) But now that I know the joys of allowing your child some autonomy, I can’t wait to give a little to my younger son. In other words, I can’t wait until I can go to the bathroom without dragging him with me.

But I know that’s not the healthiest of attitudes — I should savor every age while I can, including this one. So, in an effort to stop myself from taking the present for granted, I’ve compiled a list of things I love about my baby RIGHT NOW. Earlier this week, I put together a list of imaginary valentines from my baby. I suppose you could consider this my valentine to him.

  • Savoring His Age… 1 of 10

    He may make me crazy, but he also makes my day. Check out the little things my baby does that are guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

  • Balloon Enthusiast 2 of 10

    The giddy way he points to the red balloon in "Good Night Moon."

  • Orange Crush 3 of 10

    How excited he gets when you show him a clementine.

  • He Had Me at Hello — Kind Of 4 of 10

    The way he puts his toy phone to his ear and says, "Eh-woh."

  • Time to Play! 5 of 10

    The way he pokes his older brother (even when big bro is asleep) and shouts the first syllable of his name because, hello, it's playtime.

  • Crib Chats 6 of 10

    The way he babbles happily to himself in his crib just after he's awoken from a nap.

  • Clock Watcher 7 of 10

    The way he raises both arms to gesture to the clock in the living room in response to the question, "Where's the clock?"

  • Grin Bearer 8 of 10

    His sunny, six-teeth-and-counting smile.

  • Up and At ‘Em! 9 of 10

    The way he plants his palms on the ground and jumps just a bit -- as if he's about to perform an acrobatic maneuver -- just to raise himself to the standing position.

  • Little Arms, Big Love 10 of 10

    His love of hugs. I hope he never outgrows that.


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