9 Things My 9-Month-Old Is Doing

Who is this big boy with the sippy cup?

Last month, I felt like a lot of the things Cullen was doing at 8 months were similar to what he was doing at 7 months.  But now?  Now it feels like he is nine months going on two years.  He is walking, dancing, and interacting – well on his way to toddler-hood.  Someone please pass the tissues.

It has been such a fun summer, and I feel like he’s at the perfect age to enjoy it.  I knew babies were cute and cuddly, but I had no idea he would be this fun and full of personality at such a young age.

Here are the nine things my nine-month-old is doing these days…

  • Dancing 1 of 9
    The newest game at our house is to put on music and watch Cullen dance. It's more of a bouncing up and down than anything else, but watching him move to a beat has us cracking up night after night. His favorite song seems to be "Skip To My Lou" - too cute!
  • Climbing 2 of 9
    Cullen has discovered the stairs in a BIG way. Luckily he hasn't shown much interest in going down them, but he's all about going UP. I spend a good portion of each day hovering behind him as he scrambles to the top.
  • Discovering 3 of 9
    I feel like Cullen is the perfect age for summertime. He is into EVERYTHING, and while it's exhausting, it has also made summer so much fun. Grass, leaves, water - you name it, he's interested in it.
  • Mimicing 4 of 9
    It finally seems like we almost have some two way communication happening. Cullen will mimic certain noises and faces now, as well as clapping and waving. It's incredible to communicate and see him respond!
  • Protesting 5 of 9
    ...his stroller, specifically. I could tell from the very beginning that I wasn't going to have one of those babies that happily kicks and giggles in the stroller for long stretches of time. Our max is about 30 minutes these days.
  • Sipping 6 of 9
    Okay seriously - who is this giant child? Cullen has taken to the sippy cup this month. His favorite is the Zoli straw cup, and he drinks water out of it all day long.
  • Sleeping… 7 of 9
    THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! Pardon my excitement, but it has been nine very long months of wakeups and night feedings. And now I'm off to knock on wood several hundred times...
  • Splashing 8 of 9
    We discovered the wading pools at our local parks this month, and Cullen can't get enough. They are the perfect depth that he can sit, stand, walk, or splash. The perfect way to cool off during these hot summer days!
  • Walking 9 of 9
    Nine months and walking - it's so fun to see him cruising through his milestones, but MAN is it exhausting! He's still doing the monster walk, but he gets sturdier every day. He's up to 20 steps without falling!

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