9 Tips for Taking a Road Trip with a Baby

Tips for surviving a road trip with a baby
Tips for surviving a road trip with a baby

Last week I posted tips for traveling with baby by air.

Knowing that we would be venturing out on a road trip this past weekend, I wanted to wait to share any insights that I learned along the way before writing about road trips.

While we have made many a road trips with babies in the past, it’s funny how soon you forget little things like when the baby cries, you have to stop. And when you stop, the other 3 kids want to get out of the car as well. Oh the lessons we learned. Good news is we survived and you can too!

Here are 10 tips for taking a road trip with baby:


  • Pack Accordingly 1 of 9
    Pack Accordingly

    As a mom who decided not to bring a pack and play on this last road trip due to space issues, make sure you think through each decision wisely. I so wish we had packed one. We possibly would of gotten more than 3 hours sleep each night if we had just made room for the pack and play in the car!
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  • Keep a Diaper Bag Handy with All Essentials 2 of 9
    Keep a Diaper Bag Handy with All Essentials

    We kept a few diapers, wet wipes, pre-made bottles and bottled water all handy right under Zeke's car seat. Every stop we had to make, it was easy to grab what we needed and go. There was no digging through the trunk trying to find things.
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  • Bring Plastic Bags 3 of 9
    Bring Plastic Bags
    Plastic bags come in handy for numerous things. From trash to dirty diapers, repurpose your plastic grocery bags!
  • Be Prepared for Feedings on the Road 4 of 9
    Be Prepared for Feedings on the Road
    This is me feeding Zeke at a gas station. Yep, we're pulled over, don't worry - I don't feed and drive. Be prepared to do this. If your baby is old enough to eat solids and snacks, make sure to pack these. This will help pass time and mess up your car along the way! All kidding aside, treats like Goldfish or gummies will be a delightful treat when you can delay the inevitable stop at McDonalds for another few towns! If your baby uses a sippy cup, be sure to bring one along as well.
  • Patience 5 of 9
    Babies cry and need attention. Remember sometimes a 4 hour trip to Grandma's may turn into 6 hours when traveling with a baby (ask me how I know this).
    Keep your baby's best interest at hand. Stop when he needs you. Be patient with the situation. Note: This is MUCH easier said than done.
  • Keep Baby Entertained 6 of 9
    Keep Baby Entertained
    While Zeke is only 3-months old, we bought him a mirror that fit on the backside of his infant carrier. If he was older, we would of brought a long a few board books or setup the iPad to play movies.
  • Know Where Clean Restrooms Are 7 of 9
    Know Where Clean Restrooms Are

    Know where clean restrooms are. Not only will you need to tinkle, your baby will most likely need changing. Here is a list of apps for finding a clean bathroom.

  • Bring a Baby Wrap or Sling 8 of 9
    Bring a Baby Wrap or Sling
    If you own a baby wrap or sling, throw it in the back of the car! Believe me, your little one - while he may not be able to run around yet, he will appreciate the change of environment from the car seat!
  • Make Memories 9 of 9
    Make Memories

    Traveling with a baby isn't necessarily the easiest thing to do, but I always try to look at the positive.
    This is my crazy family at on of our favorite haunts, Magnolia Cafe in Austin, TX. 4 kids was an adventure, but it was worth creating these times with them that we can look back at and remember.
    Make memories, take photos because someday you will laugh at these times and wish they hadn't passed so quickly.

What Road Trips with Baby Tips Do You Have? Share!


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