$90 for Baby Sweats?

Album di Famiglia
Seriously cute stuff from Album di Famiglia but way out of my price range.

I admit.  I’ve fallen pretty hard for some adorable designer baby clothes.  It’s like my mom once said to me – I’ve got expensive taste.  I’ve bought onesies and other things from indie designers and I understand supporting handmade goods.  But seriously folks, $90 for baby sweat pants that will only fit your growing baby weed for a few months give or take?  I hardly spend that kind of money on myself!

Ok, ok.  I may have been known to buy expensive things for myself.  But they are things that stay in my closet, season to season.  And that was pre baby. Now that I’ve got Wolf in my life, I think a little bit more frugally when it comes to buying clothes.  Plus, with all the cute resale baby shops out there, it’s pretty easy to pick up some cute pieces for Wolf under $5.  Some of my favorite pieces came from the thrift store!  But I still find myself coming back to those out of range baby clothes and wonder, who buys these?  Then I sigh because they are so darn cute.

Let’s discuss.  How do you feel about designer baby clothes?

{photo from Album di Famiglia}

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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