A 1 Year Old Non-Toy Birthday Gift Giving Guide

Little Bean is turning 1 in less than a month.


I’m starting to plan a small party for him now and you know the first thing I’m going to get asked once the invitations go out?

What does he need? What does he like? Can I buy him ____?

My response is always the sameā€¦

Anything but toys. We have enough TOYS! Save the toy gifts for when he’s older and he’ll remember what an awesome gift giver you are. Right now he’s easily entertained by a wooden spoon and a whisker. Seriously. This kid doesn’t need any more toys and frankly, Mom doesn’t want any more toys!

Instead, consider these non-toy gift ideas for the 1 year old in your life…

Gift Certificates or Memberships to Activities

Museums, Bounce and Plays, Zoo’s, Hands on centers all make great outings for 1 year olds. Give Mom and Dad a nudge to get baby out and about by giving a gift certificate!

College Fund Contribution

It may be a cliche but I find it thoughtful and practical. Especially at this age where the baby doesn’t really miss a traditional gift and the parents may need a little help in the saving department.

Baby Supplies

…or gift cards for supplies like diapers, bubble bath, wipes, sippy cups, etc. Again, baby won’t miss the toy and Mom and Dad may appreciate the help.


As The Husband says, “They can never have enough clothes.” Ask what size baby is and if he/she needs anything in particular. I have a tradition of always buying a complete outfit for my nieces and nephews. It’s fun shopping for matching accessories like shoes and hats.


You can never have enough in my opinion.

Personalized Trinkets or Towels

Two of my favorite gifts that Big Brother still uses today after 6 years is a personalized towel with his name on it and a personalized super hero cape. He loves that cape!

Day Out with Baby!

When all else fails, offer to take baby out and give Mom and Dad a break! Just giving a babysitting IOU is more for the parents but taking baby to a local museum or zoo let’s you spend time with the kids in your life while giving mom and dad a nice break. It’s a win-win.

Do you have any non-toy gift ideas for a 1 year old?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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