A Baby Walks into a Bar . . . and the Drunk Baby Meme is Born

Drunk baby meme
That last round of shots was probably a mistake

It’s not like you’ve never seen a drunk baby before. Just think back to after your little one’s last feeding ended. Hello, milk breath?

These drunk baby memes, of course, take it to whole new level. Thankfully they’re as funny as they are true (which babies everywhere would surely confirm. You know, if they could talk in a language we understand).

Admitting you have a problem is the first step. And if these drunk baby memes aren’t a cry for help, then just wait — because babies always cry in the end anyway, right?

Click below for 15 hilarious drunk baby memes.

  • Oh no you di’int 1 of 15
    Oh no you di'int
    Oh, yes. I did.
  • True story 2 of 15
    True story
    I wouldn't sh*t you.
  • Totally crazy 3 of 15
    Totally crazy
    Like that Keyser Söze guy.
  • You think I’m kidding? 4 of 15
    You think I'm kidding?
    Go ahead, try me.
  • Oh no you di’int 5 of 15
    Oh no you di'int
    Don't mess with the bull, young man. You'll get the horns.
  • What a lovely idea 6 of 15
    What a lovely idea
    Thank you, sir. I'll have another.
  • Whoops! 7 of 15
    Sorry about that.
  • Move over, sweetheart. 8 of 15
    Move over, sweetheart.
    I'm talking now.
  • You’re funny how? 9 of 15
    You're funny how?
    Like a clown funny.
  • Seriously 10 of 15
    Please, make it stop.
  • Oh, snap 11 of 15
    Oh, snap
    Because I'm all sassy like that.
  • Xsfonfojkf 12 of 15
  • Mmmmmm-wah! 13 of 15
  • Word 14 of 15
    Say what you want about attachment parenting, Dad. But Mom is all mine for another few years.
    Yup, you heard that right.
  • Cheers! 15 of 15
    Bottoms up, friendss.

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