A Beautiful Birth Story

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I love watching a woman become a mom, and I love watching a pair become a family of three.

Australian photographers Nirrimi Hakanson and Matt Caplin recently gave birth to their first, a daughter, and documented the experience in an intimate and honest photographic birth story on their blog, We Live Young.

Included are shots of Nirrimi’s pregnancy, her homebirth, as well as their freshest moments as a new family. The photos are some of the most beautiful and even powerful images I’ve come across in a while. They remind me of the miraculousness and tenderness of childbirth, tell of the immediate love between mother and child, and make me crave a newborn even when I have one already in my arms.

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Perhaps Nirrimi said it best when she wrote, “She is my heart outside my body.” I know just how she feels. If the photos aren’t enough to make you want to relive those first moments with your babe, you can also read Nirrimi’s birth story.

  • Pitter Patter 1 of 10
    Pitter Patter
    I love to hear that first heartbeat. And I look forward to it at every checkup thereafter.
  • The First Appearance 2 of 10
    The First Appearance
    The soft light and the cradling of a small bump, as shown in this photo, make me miss being first-trimester pregnant. It's so nice to get the proof that someone is really growing in there.
  • It Goes Both Ways 3 of 10
    It Goes Both Ways
    This shot makes this mama-to-be appear both powerful and vulnerable. Isn't that the truth?
  • New Beginnings 4 of 10
    New Beginnings
    In this shot, which is just the beginning of Nirrimi's birth story, you can tell she's on the cusp of a big change.
  • You Can Do It 5 of 10
    You Can Do It
    Hang in there, mama!
  • Hello Little One 6 of 10
    Hello Little One
    The moment that makes everything worth it: the morning sickness, heartburn, sleeplessness, you name it. That little face is the sweetest, and what a unique perspective.
  • Nice To Meet You 7 of 10
    Nice To Meet You
    These little moments are the ones I would chose to re-live over and over again, if I could. There is nothing as tender as the first moments with your baby.
  • And Then There Were Three 8 of 10
    And Then There Were Three
    I love the composition of this image as much as the subject matter. And it tells such a nice story of familial love.
  • Kisses & Cuddles 9 of 10
    Kisses & Cuddles
    Isn't the outdoor shot a refreshing change from the typical mom-and-baby photo? It's perfectly natural.
  • A New Life 10 of 10
    A New Life
    Like I said, I love to see a woman become a mom. Everyone says you glow when you're pregnant, but sometimes I think the glowing starts afterward.

All images courtesy of Nirrimi Hakanson and Matt Caplin via We Live Young.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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