A Collection of Baby Photos: 1st Halloween [Slideshow]

Pink Panther Adorableness.

I warned y’all that I was going to get all Halloween up in here. Which is, to say – ALL AWESOME, anyways.

Especially when it involves babies. Babies are adorable all on their own. Festoon them in some plush getup with ears?

Make mockery of our favourite pop culture icons? Torture them by mode of pod stuffing and other such tom foolery?

All good stuff there. The kind of stuff that makes you smile. Hugely, from ear to ear. Go ahead – I dare you not to.

  • Meet Roxie – 1 of 17
    Meet Roxie -
    The Pink Panther.
  • Really, The Happiest Pink Panther, 2 of 17
    Really, The Happiest Pink Panther,
  • Meet Sylvie 3 of 17
    Meet Sylvie
    The cutest little punk rocker. Her mom, Mary, owns the awesome Etsy shop, The Green Goat. Check it out for beautiful screen-printed baby apparel!
  • Oh. My. Word. 4 of 17
    Oh. My. Word.
    There is so much awesome here, it's hard to fathom. (The eyeliner? It's photo-shopped people. Photo-shopped).
  • Mini Me 5 of 17
    Mini Me
    This is Mary's son when he was under 1 as Daddy's little twin. Again, Mary wins for sheer hilarious brilliance.
  • Elves in Your Backyard 6 of 17
    Elves in Your Backyard
    My friend Dory from Worthy Goods on Etsy, has the cutest little boy. This is Porter. And of more recent a little girl. This will be her 1st Halloween!
  • Lil’ Pumpkin 7 of 17
    Lil' Pumpkin
    I love it when mama's do a daytime and evening costume. This is Dory's boy Porter in his first year again, this time cute as can be, straight from the pumpkin patch.
  • Pretty Petal 8 of 17
    Pretty Petal
    This is Susie's daughter Molly, not miffed at all with her head surrounded by big petals. What a good little girl.
  • Pumpkin Suit 9 of 17
    Pumpkin Suit
    Molly in her daytime. Susie is another mama who did the daytime/night-time atire. WIN!
  • The DeMoss Girls 10 of 17
    The DeMoss Girls
    These are Sarah DeMoss' girls and the wee one is her daughter Cora as a doctor for her 1st Halloween.
  • Can I Check Your Breathing? 11 of 17
    Can I Check Your Breathing?
    Scrub up!
  • Bunnies & Flowers 12 of 17
    Bunnies & Flowers
    These suits are so quick, easy and adorable. Winning. Sarah DeMoss is a talented artisan on Etsy, give her shop a visit!
  • Lil’ Hippy 13 of 17
    Lil' Hippy
    Kate Sebaslav is an old friend of mine from high-school, with 2 adorable little girls. This is Michaela in her first year as the cutest crunchy granola around!
  • Attack of The Shark Baby 14 of 17
    Attack of The Shark Baby
    Seriously. So ridiculously cute. This was sent to me by another SAHM member from Etsy - Mabel Iriberri. I love her shop, Nickel Design. You probably will to!
  • My Favourite 15 of 17
    My Favourite
    Absolutely hands down. Photo-shopped genius. Thank-you Mabel.
  • Mine! 16 of 17
    I was going for an owl, but Wyndham could have been an Ewok with those ears. Perhaps he is both. Mixed and proud. Just like his momma.
  • I’m Gonna Jump… 17 of 17
    I'm Gonna Jump...
    My 1st DIY costume, shabby, but a pass for the simple fact that I got it done in 1 hour with a glue gun, some thread, a body suit onsie, matching beanie, footies and felt.

Many thanks to all of the mama’s who submitted these photo’s of their baby’s 1st Halloween costumes. Do you have photo’s of your Baby’s 1st Halloween? Want to see them in a Part 2 Edition? Send your photo’s to

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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