A Conversation Between Sisters

Every morning I wake up to the sound of Avery yelling, “Mama!” from the other room. I’ll rush in to see her standing up in her crib, eagerly waiting for me to get her out. I am as quiet as can be so that we don’t wake up Harlan from her slumber.

Last week all of that changed when I noticed that rather than waking up to my name, I woke up to  hear both of the girls talking to each other. It seems that somehow Avery has managed to wake up Harlan and Harlan sits up in her bed, turns towards Avery’s crib and just starts talking to her.

Usually the conversations start with Harlan saying “Hello sweetheart! How did you sleep? Did you sleep good? Me too, sweetheart.” Can you guess where she gets the “sweetheart” from? Avery usually responds with, “Hi!” (because that is one of the only words that she knows) followed by some other babble that I can’t understand.

I watch them over the monitor just sit and talk to one another for minutes on end. I would’ve thought that after five minutes Harlan would get bored with the conversation and come into my room to tell me that they are both awake. But apparently she enjoys the conversation too much to end it.

As Avery is getting more talkative and more opinionated, she and Harlan are involved in a lot more conversations. On Saturday as I was fixing breakfast for the girls, I walked out into our living room to a heated discussion. Harlan was lining up all of her figurines on the floor and Avery thought that it would be fun to knock them all down. Harlan didn’t like that Avery was interfering with her line and told her sister, “Avery, I am playing with my figurines, don’t do that.” Avery’s response, “Ughhh.”

Harlan tries to line them up again only to have Avery knock them right back down. Again Harlan says, “Avery please don’t knock down my figurines, I am trying to line them up.” Avery’s reaction, “No, no, no, no.” I watched as they went back and forth in an intense conversation over the figurines. The greatest part was that Avery would always find something to respond with when Harlan said something to her.

Eventually I grabbed Avery another toy to focus her attention on so that Harlan could have her time with her figurines. But not before taking a photo of just how intense and in-depth their conversation got. They were both so engaged with one another and so in-sync.

It reminds me of how my sister and I are when we’re together. This is yet another thing that I love to watch as they grow together and their bond strengthens.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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