A Day at the Aquarium

The girls and I are on vacation this week in Florida visiting my parents. I’ve tried to take advantage of our time here and have taken the girls to a fun children’s place almost every single day that we’ve been here. I am finally confident enough to take them both out on little adventures by myself. Now that Avery is a little bit older and can walk, she can participate in a lot more and really enjoys it.

One of our many adventures this week was to the Florida Aquarium. I visited this aquarium so much growing up, but it’s so different when you take your children. It’s so fun to see it through their eyes. I let them both just walk around and explore and they absolutely loved it. Avery enjoyed it so much more than I ever thought she would. She was completely into seeing all of the fish and the water. She pointed at nearly everything. I think I could have probably just watched her face the entire time rather than seeing the fish. She was so completely fascinated. The aquarium is definitely a place that Avery likes to be!

  • Where is the alligator? 1 of 11
    Where is the alligator?
    The aquarium had an outdoor area that had only animals native to Florida. One of which was the Florida alligator. I don't think she's ever been so mesmerized by an animal before. She just stood there and stared at it through the glass.
  • Woah, look at that fish? 2 of 11
    Woah, look at that fish?
    We are really into the pointing stage right now, so you can imagine her excitement when she saw this huge aquarium with so many fish. She pointed at each one as they swam by.
  • Can I figure out which one it is? 3 of 11
    Can I figure out which one it is?
    These light up signs were a favorite of Avery's during the entire visit. I think she could have stood there and stared at them the entire time we were there.
  • I wonder which one this is? 4 of 11
    I wonder which one this is?
    She loved that these signs were just her height. She felt like such a big girl and let everyone know by talking and pointing to the sign as everyone passed by.
  • Let’s be mermaids! 5 of 11
    Let's be mermaids!
    It's virtually impossible for me to get a decent picture of these girls together. I'll get one looking and smiling at the camera and the other one is screaming. My oldest, Harlan, is obsessed with mermaids and she wanted Avery to join in on the fun while taking the picture.
  • Oh wow! I’m in a shell! 6 of 11
    Oh wow! I'm in a shell!
    She loved climbing in and out of this little shell. I think this was the first time that I've really just let her be a toddler and walk around when we are out and about. She took full advantage of it.
  • Hi everyone, I’m inside a shell! 7 of 11
    Hi everyone, I'm inside a shell!
    Can you tell that Avery is my outgoing child. She made herself quite at home in this little shell and waved hi to every single person that walked by.
  • That’s a lot of water. 8 of 11
    That's a lot of water.
    She was completely in awe of this huge aquarium. It was a glass tunnel and we were surrounded by water. She just kept running up and down trying to look up. She loved it.
  • I spy Avery. 9 of 11
    I spy Avery.
    Can you spot Avery? We enjoyed playing peek a boo through this tube for a good 10 minutes.
  • What kind is this one, mom? 10 of 11
    What kind is this one, mom?
    She loved these yellow and blue fish. I couldn't pry her away from this tube.
  • Wow! That’s a lot of fish. 11 of 11
    Wow! That's a lot of fish.
    This school of fish was absolutely incredible to see. Avery ran up to it as soon as she saw it and just yelled "ooooohhhhhh." She was pretty amazed.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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