A Day in the Life of My 5-Month-Old (Photos)

Meet Grayson. The little 5-month-old baby I am always talking about on here. Grayson arrived to us after a very long high-risk pregnancy that I am sure most of you followed.  Of course, I probably should have carried my Nikon around with me for the day to capture his entire routine but for now – I am sharing with you his daily routine and his life as a baby over the last few weeks.

He loves eating baby food, being snuggled and laughing. He sleeps like a king and hardly ever cries unless something is seriously wrong. He is 15 pounds of pure joy! From kisses from sisters to bath time bliss and learning to sit up — here is a peek inside Grayson’s world.

I am thankful I have my iPhone and my sister/nanny/assistant to help capture just how he spends most of his days.

  • A Day in the Life of Grayson 1 of 17
    A Day in the Life of Grayson
    Take a look at what really goes on during the day when you're a baby.
  • 8 AM: Full of Smiles 2 of 17
    8 AM: Full of Smiles
    This boy is just so happy! I would say 95% of his day is spent smiling, coo-ing or laughing at his silly sisters. He is just so content.
  • 8:45 AM: First Time Foods 3 of 17
    8:45 AM: First Time Foods
    A few weeks ago Grayson started stage one baby food and he loves it. Did I mention loves it? He has less interest in his bottles and more interest in what's on my plate.
  • 9AM – Noon: Playtime! 4 of 17
    9AM - Noon: Playtime!
    Grayson is the first child of mine who actually loves his bumbo chair -- so much. I think he has a lot to entertain him and look at with a little face always googling over him.
  • We Sit on the Couch 5 of 17
    We Sit on the Couch
    And hang out. Of course -- I blog things like this.
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  • Noon: Naptime 6 of 17
    Noon: Naptime
    Grayson loves hanging out in his crib! As if you can't tell -- doesn't look like much sleeping is going on here.
  • Bathtime Varies 7 of 17
    Bathtime Varies
    Today it was earlier custody of an explosive diaper but usually it is in the evening, after dinner. Don't worry -- I am holding this bumbo chair in the bath. It is easy for me to have control over his squirmy little self.
  • 2PM: Auntie Time 8 of 17
    2PM: Auntie Time
    My sister comes over to help me a few times a week because otherwise, I couldn't work. I just recently admitted and accepted that I needed help - after all, I do have 5 kids and run a biz. So -- it is nice to have the help and Grayson loves his time with Aunt Katie!
  • Silly Boy 9 of 17
    Silly Boy
    Grayson loves looking at himself in the mirror. Such a ham already!
  • Strollin’ 10 of 17
    Grayson loves his stroller so much. He loves to be outside and take a walk.
    Our favorite stroller from Orbit Baby
  • Off to the Doctors 11 of 17
    Off to the Doctors
    Unfortunately due to Grayson's preemie status, he visits the doctors often. He loves it though!
  • Afternoon Dress-Up 12 of 17
    Afternoon Dress-Up
    At some point during the day, there will be a instagram photo of me playing dress-up with him.
  • 3 PM: Play, Play, Play 13 of 17
    3 PM: Play, Play, Play
    Grayson has a few of his favorite toys and of course -- his favorite blanket from Little Giraffe. He loves kicking away and is slightly obsessed with watching Yo Gabba Gabba. So for those who think babies don't know what they want -- this one does!!
  • 2nd Bath? 14 of 17
    2nd Bath?
    Yep. Like I said, sometimes this happens due to the messiness of a baby.
  • 7PM: Hanging out with Mom 15 of 17
    7PM: Hanging out with Mom
    While I checked emails, Grayson decided to take a little browse on Etsy. Boy after my own heart.
  • 10PM: Bedtime 16 of 17
    10PM: Bedtime
    He loves laying in his crib and looking at his little stuffed animals and toys his sister lines up for him. Grayson takes his last bottle between 10:00-10:30pm and sleeps until about 8.
  • From Above 17 of 17
    From Above
    I always remind myself, no matter how busy I am to just take in all these moments during the day.

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