A Day In the Life of Addie

What a day!

Ever wonder what it is like to be an almost six month old little girl in the Elwood household?

Well you are about to learn because I put together a short picture show of our hysterical day yesterday.

Of course it isn’t easy having two older brothers, a crazy mom, a busy dad, and trying new foods for the first time. But Wednesday was an adventure of a day.

First, it started off with a morning diaper change and getting ready for the day. Cloth diapers to be exact. I bought Addie some new cloth diapers from BumGenius to try out and I am loving them!

After we were ready for the day we had lots of chores to run which included actually helping Daddy get some stuff to the dump. Addie loves days she can see Daddy more than just before bedtime and today was one!

I noticed she was starting to grow a mullet, so of course I had to take a picture of it myself, especially after ranking on toddler mullets last week. Business in the front, party in the back, my poor little Addison.  But the whole hair thing got better as the day went on!

We did some swinging outside with the boy children, because today is probably one of the last nice days we are going to have before it gets too cold, or too rainy to play outside in the yard, and Addie loved it!

Later on in the day we tried our first real food that isn’t cereal!   We gave pears a try because mommy had some from Happy Baby foods.  I am planning on making some homemade butternut squash baby food next week.

Then she immediately threw it all right back up.  Oh to be a baby again, right?

Then before bed Mommy poked some more fun at Addie’s hair …

Overall it sounds like a pretty cool day for such a small little girl right?

How did your six-month-old spend their day?

  • Good Morning! 1 of 6
    Good Morning!
    Diaper change, and getting ready for the day!
  • Exhibit A 2 of 6
    Exhibit A
    Addie's mini baby mullet she is growing. I think it is slightly hysterical
  • Swinging! 3 of 6
    Swinging outside with her crazy brothers!
  • Pears! 4 of 6
    We tried a real food for the first time today... Pears!
  • ICKY! 5 of 6
    And then immediately threw it all back up. Note to Mommy... Skip pears!
  • Baby Kramer 6 of 6
    Baby Kramer
    Yes, I am calling her Kramer like on Seinfeld. Doesn't she look happy?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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