A Day on the Farm: Avery Goes Berry Picking (PHOTOS)

One of our favorite things to do as a family is to try activities that we’ve never done before. On Saturday, we decided to rent a car for the day and head out of the city to go berry picking. We love mini-road trips because they are so few and far between for us. Having a car, even for just the day, is a complete luxury and it allows us to venture outside of Manhattan.

We go apple picking as a family every fall, but we’ve never been berry picking and we are huge berry lovers in our family. The girls will eat a carton of both raspberries and blueberries daily. We have strawberries as our  dessert at nearly every meal, so you can imagine our excitement when we got to the farm to see that cherries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries were all ready to be picked! Take a look at our adventure day picking berries on the farm!

  • Taking Baby Berry Picking 1 of 13

    Click through to see all the fun that Avery had berry picking! 

  • Riding the Wagon 2 of 13
    photo 3-1 copy

    The farm was so big that this wagon was a must. Thankfully both girls loved riding it and Harlan held onto Avery as tight as she could to keep her safe.

  • Off to Pick Raspberries 3 of 13

    From the look on their faces, I'd say they were excited to get some berries.

  • She’s The Eater 4 of 13
    photo 2-1 copy

    It seemed that all Avery wanted to be a part of was eating our freshly picked berries. She didn't want to get off of the wagon because the berries tasted too good and she had easy access to the cartons.

  • Yummy Raspberries 5 of 13

    This girl could not get enough of the berries. 

  • Berry Stealer 6 of 13

    This was the view we saw of Avery the entire time we were picking. We would put them in the container and she would reach over and eat them. No wonder those bushels never seemed to fill up!

  • I’m Going to Let Everyone Else do The Work 7 of 13
    photo 1-1 copy

    Avery had absolutely no interest in getting in anything other then her appetite.

  • Mommy Can I Eat This? 8 of 13
    photo 2 copy

    She was eating every single berry that we picked that day right after we picked it. There was something about the strawberry. She wasn't quite sure if she should eat it or not, but in the end she did!

  • Yummy Strawberries 9 of 13
    photo 3 copy

    In fact, the strawberries ended up being her favorite.

  • Finally Off The Wagon 10 of 13
    photo 5 copy

    Cherry picking was the only thing that Avery was really interested in doing. Probably because the grass was short and I had to pick her up to reach them.

  • She Picked a Cherry 11 of 13

    Avery picked a cherry off of the tree and was so proud of her accomplishment. 

  • Silly Girls 12 of 13

    Avery thought these cut-outs were the funniest thing that she had ever seen. She was cracking up the entire time that her head was sticking through. I think they could have provided hours of entertainment. 

  • She’s a Climber 13 of 13
    photo 4 copy

    Avery was watching Harlan ride the ponies and insisted on trying to climb the fence and trying to get in. She always wants to be involved in everything her big sister is doing.

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