A Little Help With Tummy Time

tummy time water mat
You're so dang cute when you do it wrong!

I busted out this cool thing the other day, a hand-me-down from friends who used it with their daughter. It’s the Whoozit Water Mat, and Abby was able to play with it for a total of 3 minutes before Penelope swooped in, declared it “mine,” and stalked around the house announcing how heavy it was.

Now that I’m looking at it online, of course, it’s obvious that I was using it wrong. I know it’s a tummy-time accessory, but I thought the point was to prop her up on it so she could use her arms in a new way and not have her face mashed into the ground when she was on her tummy. A friend of mine had a squishy pillow that she used for this purpose, which I’m sure was not approved for use (squishy pillow! SQUISHY PILLOW DANGER!), but which was a huge help for poor Penny, who had all sorts of preemie problems with tummy time and crawling.

So I shoved the Whoozit under her tummy and let her waggle around on it, and she seemed pretty pleased with herself. But these days, she can push herself up into a pretty cool baby yoga Cobra Pose without too much trouble, and doesn’t seem to mind tummy time a bit since it’s no big deal for her to flip onto her back anyway. She’s showing serious signs of flipping back to front, too, and may have done so already I can never be sure if she’s done these things when I wasn’t looking, or if Penny’s just been messing with her under the radar.

And uh … from what I can see, it’s just supposed to go in front of her, so she can stare at it and try to play with it. Which also seems fun! So I’ll try that out when I can wrestle it back from Penny.

It’s so funny. I was so into stuff that lights up, the first time around, despite (or maybe because of) the offended sniffs emanating from the unfinished-wood, hemp-quilt Waldorf parents in my circle. But even the twinkling, musical playmat was sorta “eh” to these kiddos, and I reverted to a plain black-and-white smaller-footprint playmat for Abby, which was fully fine with her.

Ah well. Abby seems like she’s going to be crawling in, like, five minutes, so this is really just a blip on the radar. Full report when I actually use this thing correctly.

What funny accessories have you tried to make tummy-time more fun?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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