A Look Back At 2012: My Favorite Ramblings on Babble

I’ve had 287 posts here on Babble since my very first one. 304 days ago exactly I joined the Babble team. It has been just amazing. Words can’t describe how honored I was to be able to take this opportunity and write for Babble. It happened so quickly too! It has been so much fun to look back at all of my posts from the year. The ups and downs, the fun style posts, the pretty nurseries and, of course, my favorite pins. Through Instagram, my iPhone and Pinterest, it’s all documented. My many hospital stays, my frustration with a high-risk pregnancy, my favorite mom tips — it is all documented on this amazing modern parent website that warms my heart everyday. The many comments, the reader advice under posts – I am so grateful for it all.

One of my highlights of 2012 was taking this position with Babble. It’s been life-changing. I’ve met amazing people. I have the BEST co-workers. EVER. I’ve been able to vent and have people listen. I’ve cherished every single moment. I’ve written every post from my heart. I’ve loved every.single. minute. of my time here. And well, I can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring here at Babble. It’s always something amazing! That said, I thought it would be fun to take some time and go back over the year, highlighting some of my favorite posts.

Thank you — from the bottom of my heart, for always reading. Cheers to 2013!

  • It All Began… 1 of 21
    It All Began...
    My very first post. Not only did I introduce myself, but I introduced my pregnancy. Quite the journey readers followed for 30 weeks.
    See my first here
  • Getting To Know Me 2 of 21
    Getting To Know Me
    It was fun to put together a little post on what readers didn't know about me.
    Read 125 Things You Don't Know About Me here
  • Nursery Fun 3 of 21
    Nursery Fun
    My first nursery round-up showed off my favorite nurseries.
    See 15 Oh-So-Fab Nurseries here
  • A Mom Post 4 of 21
    A Mom Post
    This was a post close to my heart; honest, heartwarming and some of my best tips as a mom.
    Read 15 Things I Wish I Knew Before I had Children here
  • Close to My Heart 5 of 21
    Close to My Heart
    Having a preemie, I took my experience and shared some tips. I got tons of feedback -- over 30 comments, both good and bad. But in the end, I think so many found this post very helpful.
    Read Being Prepared For A Preemie: 13 Things I Wish I Would Have Known here
  • My Favorite Baby Boy Names 6 of 21
    My Favorite Baby Boy Names
    Baby names! I've always had a ton that I've loved, so sharing the battle of the names and what was on our list was a fun post. I loved getting readers to interact and help us decide.
    Read Battle of the Boys: 10 Names I Love and Why We Can't Decide here
  • Nursery Tips 7 of 21
    Nursery Tips
    This was a Pinterest favorite and was featured on many other blogs too as a link fave. It was fun to round up tips on creating rooms in small spaces for babies.
    Read What Happens When There Is No Room For A Nursery here
  • Trying to Find Faith 8 of 21
    Trying to Find Faith
    I remember writing this like it was yesterday. It was on my Mom's birthday and I poured my heart out at the keyboard before going to bed. It was the start to a very difficult pregnancy.
    Read Emotional 19 Week Update: Total Bed Rest, Scared for my Unborn, and Yet Another Problem here
  • Bedrest Begins 9 of 21
    Bedrest Begins
    June 28th. My complete bed rest truly begins. I document one of my many hospital stays during this pregnancy in a heartfelt post that reminds me to put on my big girl panties.
    Read Update from My Hospital Bed: A Pictorial of My Week Saving My Unborn here
  • Life with Girls 10 of 21
    Life with Girls
    I loved writing this post. It reminds me why I love having 4 girls. A great round-up on my life and advice if you have little girls.
    Read Raising a Daughter: 10 Things You Need to Know here
  • One of My Favorite Personal Posts 11 of 21
    One of My Favorite Personal Posts
    A somewhat controversial post. I felt like other moms needed to hear that it was okay if you can't breastfeed. I received a ton of comments and it sparked quite the discussion with readers backing me up. It is one of my favorite personal posts to date.
    Read I Never Breastfed and My Kids Are Fine: Why You Shouldn't Feel the Pressure here
  • We Made It 12 of 21
    We Made It
    Finally making viability and reaching 24 weeks was a huge goal in my pregnancy. I absolutely love these sono pics too! Some of the best.
    Read 24 Week Update: 3D Sono and Yay Viability! here
  • Girl Name Round-Up 13 of 21
    Girl Name Round-Up
    I had so many baby girls names picked out. I couldn't keep them to myself. Even though I was having a boy, it was so much fun to share!
    Read 16 Names On My List If I Was Having A Girl here
  • Nesting! 14 of 21
    Anyone who is nesting can relate to this post up. It was fun to share some of the projects I was working on.
    Read 10 Things I'm Currently Doing Thanks to Nesting here
  • A Very Special Day 15 of 21
    A Very Special Day
    I love love love this post. It was a peek into my very first maternity shoot, along with my very first family photos taken by my best friend. It was a special moment for us.
    Read Documenting the Bump: 16 Photos From My Maternity Photoshoot here
  • Swoon Worthy Nurseries 16 of 21
    Swoon Worthy Nurseries
    This was a very popular post. After all, who doesn't love looking at beautiful spaces!
    Read 15 Nurseries to Swoon Over here
  • Good Mom Tips 17 of 21
    Good Mom Tips
    I like to try to write posts that I think will help fellow mommas, and this one of my favorites! It got picked up on Yahoo's Shine too.
    Read 10 Tricks, Tips and Timesavers for Busy Working Mom here
  • Newborn Photoshoot 18 of 21
    Newborn Photoshoot
    This was my very first time experiencing a newborn photoshoot taken by a professional photographer. These photos are ones I will cherish forever.
    Read 25 Beautiful Photos From A Timeless, Classic and Fun Newborn Photoshoot here
  • In Labor, Still Writing 19 of 21
    In Labor, Still Writing
    After a very long, high-risk pregnancy. This is a post I will never forget writing because -- I WAS IN LABOR! Thank the lord for finally giving me a healthy boy after THAT pregnancy.
    Read Mommas Having A Baby Child, It's Go Time here
  • Meet Grayson 20 of 21
    Meet Grayson
    I loved being able to share the first few days of Grayson's life with Babble readers.
    Read Meet Grayson: A Slideshow of his First Few Days here
  • Being Grateful 21 of 21
    Being Grateful
    I just wrote this earlier today. Just a few things I am thankful for -- including you, my readers!
    Read 6 Things I Am Grateful for in 2012 here


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