A Look into Royal Caribbean’s Barbie Premium Experience (PHOTOS)

My 3-year old, Harlan, is obsessed with all things Barbie. She has the dolls, watches the movies, and is always talking about the next Barbie she is going to get. When my family was invited on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas to get to experience their brand new Barbie Premium Experience, I knew it was an opportunity of a lifetime.

The Barbie Premium Experience just rolled out on select Royal Caribbean ships last month and is definitely a package that you will want to add on to your cruise if you have a little girl who loves Barbie. Throughout our seven day cruise to the Caribbean, Harlan had the opportunity to get exclusive Barbie gifts, design her Barbie’s dress, make so many new friends, and even walk in a Barbie Fashion Show!

  • Barbie Premium Experience 1 of 25
    Harlan is obsessed with all things Barbie, so I knew that she was going to enjoy this experience on the cruise.
  • Barbie Goodies 2 of 25
    Upon our arrival, our cabin was filled with Barbie goodies. A tote bag, Barbie, Barbie dresses, and even an exclusive lanyard to wear around the ship so that other people knew you were part of the Barbie Premium Experience!
  • Can’t Wait to Play 3 of 25
    Harlan was a little bit overwhelmed at first with all of the Barbie goodies. She couldn't believe they were all for her. She immediately opened her Barbie to start playing along. It was a great way to start our trip!
  • Barbie Bedding 4 of 25
    Our room also had exclusive Royal Caribbean Barbie bedding. A super soft Barbie blanket and a pillow case!
  • So Excited to go to Sleep! 5 of 25
    She couldn't wait to go to bed that night so that she could sleep with her Barbie bedding. The Barbie blanket went with her almost everywhere. Now that we are home, she's still sleeping with it!
  • Pink Touches to the Cabin 6 of 25
    I loved the extra touches in the room that made it feel like a Barbie room. The pink bow on the chair was very girly and put a smile on Harlan's face.
  • Barbie Girl Onboard 7 of 25
    This door hanger was on the outside of our door so that everyone knew our room was a Barbie room. This was how Harlan found our room amongst all of the many rooms on our floor. It was a great way for her to see that this was "her" room.
  • Accessories Kit 8 of 25
    And yet one more special Barbie surprise in our room. Harlan's very own Barbie toothbrush set. I've never seen her want to brush her teeth more than when we were on our trip. This will now be her travel case when we go on vacation!
  • Barbie Tiaras and Tea Party 9 of 25
    Our first Barbie event was the Barbie Tea Party. The Barbie girl was allowed to invite one guest with her to the tea party. I was honored that she asked me to join her.
  • Pink Tiara and Ready for Tea 10 of 25
    Tiaras were given out at the tea party. Harlan couldn't wait to match her new pink tiara with her pink tutu dress. She was officially ready for tea!
  • Pinky Up! 11 of 25
    Not only was this Barbie Tea Party full of pink fun, but it was also an etiquette class.
  • Pink Barbie Pastries 12 of 25
    I absolutely loved these pink pastries. They were both gorgeous and delicious.
  • Serve Your Guest First 13 of 25
    Harlan learned that at her party she always needs to serve her guest first. She asked me what pastry I wanted and then served it to me on my plate. That was a big deal for a three year old who couldn't wait to dig in to the delicious treats!
  • Tea Party Princess 14 of 25
    She had so much fun drinking the pink lemonade and the pink pastries. She wore that pink tiara around for the rest of the day to let everyone know she was a Barbie Princess.
  • Barbie Fashion Design Workshop 15 of 25
    As a part of the Barbie experience, Harlan had the opportunity to design her own dress for her Barbie. They watched a video of the real fashion designer that designs all of Barbie's clothes and then she got to design her own. But before designing the real thing, she had to sketch out what she wanted her Barbie's dress to look like.
  • Designing Her Own Barbie Dress 16 of 25
    It was time to design the real thing. She used her sketch to look off of while she designed Barbie's dress. They had bows, ruffles, stencils to draw on the dress and more.
  • Future Fashion Designer 17 of 25
    The finished dress! She was so proud of her design. Her Barbie stayed in that dress for the rest of the cruise. The best part was that she had two other blank dresses she was able to take home to design more!
  • Barbie Dance Class 18 of 25
    Harlan LOVES to dance, so she couldn't wait to go to the Barbie dance class. During the class, the girls were taught a dance to a song from the movie "Barbie a Mermaid Tale 2." It was so cute to watch them learn this dance. The final performance of the dance was going to be performed in front of everyone at the Barbie Fashion Show.
  • Manicure Before the Barbie Fashion Show 19 of 25
    The last day of the cruise was the grand finale of the Barbie Premium Experience. The Barbie Fashion Show was at the end of the day and Harlan needed to get ready. The only way to get ready for a fashion show is to get your nails painted at the spa on the ship!
  • Fashion Show is About to Begin 20 of 25
    I loved the set up for the Barbie Fashion Show. It looked like a real runway. They had Barbie signs and a pink carpet for the girls to walk down.
  • The Barbies are Ready to Watch the Show 21 of 25
    All the girls brought their Barbies in the dresses that they designed and had them set up in front row to watch the Barbie Fashion Show!
  • Let the Show Begin! 22 of 25
    Before the show started, they took all of the Barbie girls and put them in a special surprise outfit. I had no idea what Harlan was going to be wearing down the runway and the suspense was killing me!
  • Little Barbie Fashionista 23 of 25
    Harlan worked the runway in a Barbie pink tutu and feather boa and sunglasses. She loved the outfit and it was obvious she loved showing it off as she walked down the runway.
  • Barbie Dance at the Fashion Show 24 of 25
    The show ended with the Barbie dance that they learned a couple of days earlier. The choreographed dance was so cute to watch! Definitely one of my favorite moments.
  • Loved Being a Barbie Girl 25 of 25
    When we got back from the cruise yesterday Harlan told me that she missed being on the boat and missed her Barbie friends. This was definitely an experience that she will never forget. Royal Caribbean thought of every single detail for the girls and they enjoyed all of it. Not only did it make Harlan's cruise, but it made mine as well.

To learn more about the Barbie Premium Experience, visit the Royal Caribbean website.

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(Disclosure: All accommodations and airfare were provided by Royal Caribbean. All opinions expressed are my own.)

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