A Look into the Life of Raising a Baby in New York City

Life with raising a baby in the city versus the suburbs is completely different. I never expected to raise a child in New York City, but this is how our life has come to be. And now that we have lived here for over two years, I couldn’t imagine raising my daughters anywhere else.

My oldest daughter Harlan moved to the city when she was nine months old and Avery was born here in New York City. Both of my girls know no other kind of life.  They expect to have to walk everywhere we go. Taking a car is a complete luxury to any of us. Avery is not used to being a car seat and has learned to sleep through the many jackhammers and car horns that we hear everywhere we walk.

Life with raising a baby does come with its obstacles, but once you look at the life they are living through their eyes, all of those difficulties make it incredibly worth it.

I loved looking at Ilana’s perspective of raising a toddler in New York City, as I could relate to it on so many levels. After looking at her post I decided to give you a glimpse into our life raising a baby in New York City.

Below are some of the photos that I’ve snapped of Avery throughout our days living in New York City. Check out some of our adventures after the jump!

  • This is Our Backyard 1 of 12
    This is Our Backyard
    Central Park is only minutes from our apartment. Even when Avery was only weeks old we took her here for a walk in the park or just a chance to to sit and enjoy our surroundings. It really is one of the most beautiful parks ever.
  • Nap Time 2 of 12
    Nap Time
    Living in the city we are constantly on the go. That means that Avery often takes a nap in her stroller. It doesn't matter how many jackhammers are going off or even the loud horn of a truck, this girl has learned to sleep through anything.
  • Public Transportation 3 of 12
    Public Transportation
    Other than the stroller, this is the way we get around. Avery is usually in the carrier and Harlan is holding my hand. I haven't managed taking the double stroller on the subway or bus because it is so heavy, so this is how we get around if we have to go somewhere that isn't within walking distance.
  • Work, Work, Work 4 of 12
    Work, Work, Work
    I work from home, so Avery is with me all the time. When I take my older daughter, Harlan, to preschool Avery joins me in the local coffee shop and helps me get my writing done.
  • This is How We Roll 5 of 12
    This is How We Roll
    This is how we get around going to and from almost everywhere that is within walking distance. We go for walks like this, take Harlan to preschool like this, and even go grocery shopping this way.
  • Picnic Time 6 of 12
    Picnic Time
    When the weather nice, our family tries to make it to the park at least once on the weekend. We take our blanket and just sit and have a picnic together.
  • We Explore 7 of 12
    We Explore
    There is never a dull moment or lack of something to do in the city. On this day we happened to come up on the Space Shuttle exhibit. Although we didn't go on, the girls loved looking at the huge boat.
  • A Secluded Oasis 8 of 12
    A Secluded Oasis
    We are always looking for new things to do and see here in the city. This day we happened to take the ferry over to Governors Island which is vacant and does not allow cars. It is a great place to enjoy the views of Manhattan, take a walk, bike ride, or even go for a stroll.
  • Swing Time 9 of 12
    Swing Time
    There are parks everywhere in NYC. If there is downtime in our day, I take both girls to the park to play and swing. Avery loves it.
  • Strollers All the Time 10 of 12
    Strollers All the Time
    We have an incredible amount of strollers in our apartment. The reason being is that our strollers are like our cars. There are different needs and different strollers that fit those needs. Avery spends most of her time outside in her stroller, so we have to make sure that she loves the one that she is in.
  • Tall Buildings Everywhere 11 of 12
    Tall Buildings Everywhere
    I've noticed that Avery loves looking at the tall buildings everywhere we go. If I put the sunshade down from her stroller, she could be entertained forever just looking at the buildings.
  • Let’s Eat Lunch 12 of 12
    Let's Eat Lunch
    There are so many places to eat around the city. I love taking the girls out for breakfast and lunch. There are many places that don't have highchairs, so we've found a way to make it so that Avery can still sit at the table with us and enjoy.


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