A Lot Happened in Three Days.

Practice makes perfect.

First day of daycare.

First time being bit at daycare.

First time taking a nap without a bottle.

First time going to bed without a bottle.

First time going up stairs.

First time going falling down stairs.


You know where I was for all of this? Texas. Sheesh. You leave a baby for three days (THREE DAYS!) and suddenly they’re doing ridiculous things that toddlers do, not babies.

Cody was in charge of daycare pick up and drop off and he said it was incredibly hard to leave his baby behind to strangers but they did a fantastic job with her, bouncing her between the babies and the 1’s and 2’s class. She was a baby in the middle, bigger than all the babies but smaller than the toddlers. She made some new baby friends and seemed to have learned some very valuable self defense techniques (face slapping.) She was bit on the forearm, the skin didn’t break and she apparently didn’t cry. Given my best friend’s son is a biter, I can tell her that as the mom of the bitten? It’s really no big deal.

The stairs thing, none of us saw that coming. Apparently she must have learned some mad climbing skills in her three days of baby camp because she apparently took off up our own and once Cody noticed she got distracted and came back down on her butt. She had only made it up about four stairs, and in the Addie vs. Vivi tumble down the stair competition the score is now Addie 4 Vivi 1.  (It’s totally not a competition, what kind of twisted parent would pit their kids in falls down the stairs? No one, that’s who. It’s just calming to know that Addie had a few inevitable tumbles and made it out just fine, so will Vivi.)

But the walking y’all. THE WALKING. It’s so unnatural! SHE’S TOO SMALL TO BE WALKING! (Not to mention a little top heavy in the cutest way possible.) Tonight we had some stairs practice and a few laps of walking practice, seems like that’s going to be our future from now on no matter how many times we push her down when she tries to stand up. (I’m maybe kidding about that part.)

It was a big three days and while I missed a lot, Cody was front and center for all of it which makes me happy since he missed all of this stuff with Addie due to school and work. Next week I plan on beginning penmanship lessons so Vivi’s college essays she’ll be filling out this fall are totally legible for a baby.

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