A Love Story Between Boy and His Blanket

babyI knew it was early, but in the past getting pregnant was never an issue. I finally had my husband on board for trying for our fourth child and I wasted no time picking up the first baby purchase — before we even officially started trying. I made my way to the baby store and headed straight to the baby blankets.

My older kids all had a blanket — well, my third child took to a particular pillow — and they loved their soft comfort with all their little might. Each child gave their special lovey a name and each night, they slept with their sweet head gently placed on top. It made my heart sing to watch how much they loved this item, and I knew I wanted that for my next child.

I bought a soft, white blanket, similar to the one my other children all had, but slightly different as each of theirs was. For the next 18 months, that blanket sat on the shelf in my bedroom. And as each month went by, I became afraid that sweet blanket was never going to have a person to love it.

After 18 months of infertility and a positive pregnancy test, I was thrilled that sweet blanket was going to be useful and would no longer just take up space on my shelf. It might sound silly that a blanket was so significant to me, but during the hard time of conceiving and the difficult pregnancy, this blanket I had for a child I had not yet held was a symbol of this last baby I wanted so badly.

Silver has been sleeping with his special blanket for months now since he first came into the world. He loves the feeling of the soft material on his face and he uses the soft corners to soothe his sore teething gums. He pulls the blanket over his face when he falls asleep and will drift off peacefully when he feels the soft against his cheek.

It’s magic to me to see him with this blanket. Such a typical baby thing — to have a “lovie,” but the love story between this boy and his blanket fills my heart up with so much love because I knew how long this blanket waited for him.

Does your child have a favorite item they can’t sleep without?

Photo credit: © Devan McGuinness 

Devan is a freelance writer living in Toronto, Ontario, with her husband and four kids. No, those aren’t her kids real names — they’re online pseudonyms.  Read more from Devan on Babble and “like” byDevan on Facebook!  

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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