A Lovely Home Birth Story

birthing tub
home birth (not Nacia Walsh's) in a tub

In an alternate universe, where there’s no such thing as anxiety, I would want a home birth experience. I wish I would’ve been calm and confident enough to think that nothing could go wrong for me. My first birth might’ve ended in tragedy if I had had a home birth due to a true knot in my baby’s umbilical cord. My second may have ended in one as well due to an extremely thin uterus, making a rupture likely. So, even though it was not my plan to have 2 c-sections (or at least the first one) I’m really glad that my babies are here and healthy, however they arrived.

I still like to read about other women’s home birth stories.This one, by Nacia Walsh is partcularly sweet. Nacia, the mother of three boys. details her picture perfect birth story right down to the fact that her other two children slept right through until the moment their little brother arrived. Every part was played beautifully, and her husband gets ¬†an award for supporting comic relief for his role in filling the birthing tub. Give it a read!

What about you? Home birth or hospital? Did your birth happen as ‘planned?’

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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