A Mom Never Sleeps, Even When She's Sleeping

I’m up every couple of hours at night to feed Henry, check on Violet, the usual drill.

Serge sleeps through the whole thing.  He has the baby monitor on his side of the bed but I think AC/DC could perform a concert in the baby’s room and Serge wouldn’t hear a thing.  Wait, no.  He’d be up air-guitaring within seconds of the first notes of Back In Black.

What I’m saying is, AC/DC = Serge would wake up.  Baby crying, no dice.

I remember growing up my mom was the same way.  I could have a nightmare, stand in her doorway and whisper “Mom” once and she’d be wide awake, asking what’s wrong and climbing out of her bed in seconds.

If Serge actually hears Violet or Henry stirring in their rooms he’ll go see what’s wrong, but see, most of the time he sleeps through all the action. But for me, and most mothers I’ve talked to, the second your child whimpers you’re bolt upright, getting out of bed to see what’s wrong.  Like, even when you’re asleep you’re not sleeping.  Your whole body is tuned to your children’s bedrooms and the sounds – or lack of sounds – that are coming from them.

It seems to be a “mom instinct” that dads just don’t have.  Or am I being sexist?  Does your husband hear the children when they wake during the night or is he oblivious to all nocturnal activities except for sex with you, snoring and the occasional fart?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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