A Mother’s Day Date with my Daughter

My oldest daughter Harlan has been very much in need of some mommy time. I knew when I became a mom of two that it was going to be difficult to find individual time for each of the girls. Harlan did so well with the transition of bringing Avery home and still loves having her little sister around all of the time. But she’s also finding that sharing mommy is a lot harder than she thought. She clings to me when we are out and has only wanted to have me help her when we are at home. I know she’s a mommy’s girl, but she’s never been this much of a mommy’s girl.

I’ve taken her neediness as a clue that she really needs some alone time with me. Being a big sister can be hard sometimes, especially when the baby requires so much of mommy’s attention. I was invited to stay at The Carlton Hotel here in New York City to experience their incredible Mother’s Day package they have going on. There was no better time than this one to bring Harlan for a little staycation and a little pampering right in our own city. She loves staying in hotels and loves doing girly things, so I invited her along with me for a night to ourselves. I told her it was an early Mother’s Day date with just the two of us.

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    Harlan was so excited to have her own big girl bed and not just a little toddler bed. She cuddled up in it right away to watch her favorite television shows.

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    We decided to stay in for the night and do girly things. We ordered food to the room and painted our nails. 

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    I painted Harlan's nails and then she insisted on painting mine. Not bad for a three year-old.

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    I thought since we stayed up late that she would sleep in a little, but that definitely wasn't the case. She woke up early and promptly wanted breakfast. We ventured downstairs to the cute little hotel restaurant and had a nice breakfast together. It's always so fun to sit with her one on one and let her talk about anything that's on her mind. She had so much to say and made me laugh the entire time.

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    The Carlton has a Mother's Day package that let's you get pampered by the professionals at Caravan Stylist Studio located right in the hotel. Harlan loves doing these girly things and it is so fun to be able to experience them with her. 

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    Harlan picked out her rainbow of colors for her nails and had so much fun getting them pretty. 

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    Nails are complete, nail art and all! I've always only painted her nails and never tried the nail art, but after watching how simple it can be, we are definitely doing this next time we have our mommy/daughter manicure sessions at home! 

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    Next it was my turn to get my nails done. I decided to go bright like Harlan did and get a little nail art like hers. 

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    My nails were a bit more subtle, but Harlan went all out. They turned out much better than our little session last night.

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    Harlan loves getting her hair done. We've never used  a curling iron on her, so you can imagine her excitement when we told that's what we were doing.

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    Not only was she going with the curls, but she also wanted a little side braid action. I love how happy she was the entire time. Made this so much more enjoyable.

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    She loved her hair and I thought it looked absolutely adorable on her! Such a treat for both of us! 

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    I love the fish tail braid. Harlan told me to learn how to do this so that I can do it at home for her. I can't wait! 

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    Last but not least was playing with makeup. It's one of Harlan's favorite things to do at home when we play dress up. She was so excited to see this huge layout of makeup that she could pick for herself. She picked the butterfly of course.

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    She couldn't wait to see what she looked like with all of the pink makeup she picked out.

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    Her favorite part is the lipstick. She is always asking for mine and can't wait to have shiny sparkly lips.

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    The look is complete! She had so much fun being pampered for the morning. She kept telling me all morning how excited she was to go to school and tell her teachers and friends about her morning.

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    Harlan insisted on sitting in my lap while I got my hair and makeup done. I was okay with it because after all, it was a day for mommy and Harlan.

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    We had such a great morning getting a personalized styling session in the hotel. Neither of us have ever experienced something like this and we couldn't have had a better day together. It was the perfect time to get away and spend time with just the two of us. Harlan is such a girly girl, so doing girly things was a great way for us to bond as mother and daughter! 


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(Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I did receive a complimentary night stay at The Carlton Hotel to experience their Mother’s Day Package. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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