A New Baby on the Block: Introducing Silver!

It’s a wonderful new year and not only is it the start of 2014 for us, but for us, it’s also the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. For over 2 years, I had been chronicling our journey to our fourth child on the Pregnancy channel which began with a conversation many couples are having — should we have another child.  When my husband finally felt ready, we battled 18 months of infertility and had two more miscarriages before getting pregnant again. After 38 weeks of a complicated and difficult pregnancy we welcomed our baby boy who is known online as Silver (but that’s not his real name).

I am excited to be documenting and sharing our first year journey here on the Baby channel and reliving all these moments that pass far too quickly. Over the past two weeks we have been getting to know our newest member of the family and  I’d love for you to get to know Silver and how things have been on this journey so far!

  • Getting to know Silver 1 of 25

    Though Silver isn't his real name, he is totally lovable and worth getting to know!

  • Infertility 2 of 25

    Our journey to Silver started with a battle of infertility. We'd not had to use any medications to get pregnant before and we just started our 6th cycle (last one) on 150mg of Clomid.

  • Pregnant! 3 of 25

    After all that Clomid on the cycle we decided would be our last before a break, we found out we were pregnant!

  • Shots Shots Shots 4 of 25

    To help sustain my pregnancies, I need to use this medication daily. An injection I give myself in the abdomen to help reduce miscarriage risk for myself.

  • The Sick Started Quick 5 of 25

    As early as 5 weeks, I was dealing with terrible "morning sickness" that caused me to not be able to keep anything down. I was hopeful it would leave after the first trimester, but it had different plans.

  • Health Worries 6 of 25

    Silver was diagnosed with an umbilical cord issue that put him at risk for growth restrictions. He also had an ultrasound show something with his right kidney that we had to keep an eye on as well. We had a fetal echocardiogram that ruled out any major fetal heart defects.

  • Almost Over! 7 of 25

    Pregnancy went very quickly for me despite being in pain due to bilateral kidney issues. I was trying to soak in all the moments since it will be my last pregnancy. It's the first time I had a nice round belly and Silver liked to hang out breech with is head in my ribs.

  • The Sickness Still Around 8 of 25

    All the way through my pregnancy, even on the highest dose of anti-nausea medication, I was still sick 8-12x a day. Because of this, I didn't gain any weight during pregnancy (I actually lost 21lbs total), but baby was growing okay.

  • Kids Were Excited 9 of 25

    I have three older children who are known online as Speed (he's 8), Raru (she's almost 7), and Bean (she's almost 5). They were shocked to see how big my belly got, but were excited to meet their little brother.

  • Last Belly Shot 10 of 25

    I had a scheduled c-section this time around (my first one) due to medical issues relating to my past pregnancies, his breech position, and the umbilical cord issue.

  • Silver Is Here! 11 of 25

    He was born weighing in at 6lbs 9oz and 19.5" long. My other babies were all nearly 8lbs or just over and so Silver's growth was slightly restricted during the later parts of the third trimester. His APGAR's were great, but had trouble regulating his temperature. The nurses placed him on my chest under my gown while the doctors finished stitching and stapling and his temp regulated quickly.

  • Tongue Tie 12 of 25

    Silver was born with a big tongue tie -- an unusually short, thick lingual frenulum, a membrane connecting the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth) that attached right to the tip of his tongue. This was spotted and diagnosed right away and was cut by the pediatrician the next morning before it hindered breastfeeding.

  • Tiny Baby 13 of 25

    While I was recovering from a c-section and waiting for my milk to come in, Silver lost 10% of his body weight and weighed in at 5lbs15oz. The nurses were worried about his loss, but I was confident his weight would go up once his fluid loss regulated and my milk came in. I was right 🙂

  • A Rare Cry 14 of 25

    Silver is a very calm baby who doesn't cry too often. When he wants to eat though, he wants to eat. His cry is adorable and sounds like a baby bird.

  • Preemie Sized 15 of 25

    Though he was not born too premature or anything, he was born quite tiny and I had no clothes that fit him. I was used to 8lb babies so didn't prepare to have a smaller child. Before we left the hospital, I had to send my dad out to get some preemie sized clothes so that he'd have something to wear that fit on the ride home.

  • Breastfeeding is Going Well! 16 of 25

    Breastfeeding is something that's really important to me and I was hopeful we'd be able to exclusively breastfeed Silver as well. After about 2 days of terrible, bad engorgement and sore nipples breastfeeding is going well and I am thankful!

  • We’re Co-Sleepers 17 of 25

    Something you should know about us is that we're a co-sleeping family. Right now, Silver will sleep on my chest if he needs cuddles or sleeps in a bassinet next to my bed when he wants some space. As he gets older and bigger, he will transition into our bed so we can side-lay breastfeed during the night and will continue to sleep with us until he transitions himself (which if he's like our third child, it will be around 3-years old).

  • Alert Bird 18 of 25

    He, like many other newborns, sleeps strange hours during the day and those bright moments are not as often yet. When he is awake and alert, he always seems like he's soaking it all in and being quite inquisitive.

  • Dairy No More 19 of 25

    I had to cut dairy out of my diet when breastfeeding my third child (I have a casein intolerance also) and turns out, I will need to so do again. I had a small bit of dairy and the next day Silver was fussy, gassy and had the worst diaper rash I've seen. Since I've cut all casein out again and he's back to being a happy bird!

  • Kitty Love 20 of 25

    This kitten, Gmork, we adopted when I was pregnant and he would always perch himself on my bump and purr. When we brought Silver home, Gmork fell in love right away.

  • How is Night Time Going? 21 of 25

    Getting sleep at night isn't too bad -- for a newborn. He's so far, the best sleeper I've had! He wakes ever 2.5 hours to nurse and then he goes right back to sleep which is what we do all night long.

  • He’s 2 Weeks Old 22 of 25

    I know that things are going to get so much busier around here as he gets older and gets into a lot of things, but so far so good. He's such a joy to be around and it's hard to imagine life without him here!

  • Gaining Weight 23 of 25

    At Silver's 2-week checkup, he weighted in at 7lb9oz -- a whole pound above his birth weight!

  • 8-Year Gap 24 of 25

    I was worried about the age difference between my oldest and youngest being they are almost exactly 8 years apart (Silver was born 2 days before Speed's 8th birthday). So far, life has shown me it's all about the family dynamic and not so much the age gap.

  • My Kids! 25 of 25

    The transition to four kids has not really hit me hard yet, but I have a feeling all the busy will be nothing but happy -- well chaotic and happy.

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