A Nursing Victory

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When I posted on both my sleep deprivation and troubles with nursing, you all provided me with wonderful and heartfelt advice. I poured through your comments and have taken it all to heart.

Early this morning, Tate woke up hungry and rather than getting up and taking him into the living room to nurse, I decided it was time to try to nurse him laying down.

It took him a few minutes to latch the first time, but he did eventually latch. Then, I was able to easily switch him to the other side. He woke again later and I was able to nurse this way again.

There are two genuine victories here. I was able to rest while nursing him, and he never truly woke up. He easily fell back to sleep after each feeding and my husband was able to get a night of sleep that was almost entirely without interruption. This worked out well because the babe was up and at ’em at 7:30, and my husband took him, allowing me to sleep until 9:00.

I also wanted to give an update on my supply problems. We are still giving him one formula bottle a day, but I can tell my milk supply has definitely increased as I am nursing him as often as I can. I wish I had more clearly understood the concept of how supply and demand effects milk supply when I left the hospital. I am hoping that by next week, Tate will be solely breast fed! I will keep you abreast (har-di-har) of those developments.

I so appreciate everyone weighing in on our sleeping situation and issues with nursing. You may have just saved my sanity!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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