A Poem For Foster Moms

Last week I wrote a post “Should My Foster Daughter Call Me ‘Mommy’? and to my surprise, Ruben Rangel wrote a beautiful poem for foster moms that he put in the comments section.  Ruben is the dad of Elia and Antoinette, AMAZING girls who have babysat my foster children during the past several years. He, and Elia and Antoinette’s mom, Susan, treat me and my foster kids like family. So much so, that I, my former foster daughter’s moms, asked Ruben to become her godfather.

Here’s the poem:

Should she call me (Foster) Mom?

she should call you agua
call you bed-time story
she should call you dream-catcher
call you morning glory.

she would call you butterfly-kiss
and call you amazing grace
call you applesauce, carrot-juice 
and hands hugging face.

she could call you elephant
call you encyclopedia, thesaurus
she might call you Baby Beluga
even call you apatosarus.

and to the end of days
and eternities she will call you corazon.
and from the tinniest places in her heart
she will not be able to tell you and mom apart.

-by Ruben Rangel


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Photocredit: Kate Lacey
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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