A Slideshow Journey: Six Months of The Mighty Arlo

It seems like this moment was only yesterday, not 6 months ago.

It probably happens at least once a week here on Baby’s First Year that one of us puts up a post with the question “HOW DID WE GET HERE SO FAST?” And this week it’s my turn. First Arlo was gaining head control. Then he was smiling, making funny sounds. And now… now this kid is eager to crawl. He’s SO CLOSE to making it happen.  I can’t believe my sleepy newborn is already half a year old. HOW DID WE GET HERE SO FAST? (and there goes that question again…)

Click through to reminisce on our journey with our sweet Arlo Redding. From bringing home a fuzzy blonde newborn, to our battle with reflux, an Occular Albinism diagnosis and now… the strongest, happiest little boy I know.

  • Newborn Arlo 1 of 7
    Newborn Arlo
    I took this picture when he was only a day old in the chair in our living room. I remember he was so alert and awake for a newborn!
  • Month One 2 of 7
    Month One
    We battled reflux and a milk over supply on my part that made our early nursing days a challenge.
  • Month Two 3 of 7
    Month Two
    When Arlo's personality started to shine. We were treated to our first smiles!
  • Month Three 4 of 7
    Month Three
    Our sweet boy was diagnosed with Occular Albinism and it really shook us for a couple weeks but it didn't take us long to figure out he wasn't going to let anything hold him back.
  • Month Four 5 of 7
    Month Four
    Bring on the charm! This boy of ours learned how to flirt and took the opportunity to do so with every who smiled in his direction
  • Month Five 6 of 7
    Month Five
    Arlo's reflux challenges had all but gone away and he became known as "The Happiest Baby in the World" All smiles, all the time
  • Month Six 7 of 7
    Month Six
    And I can't believe how fast we got here. Arlo has turned into the most wonderfully sweet baby. He is strong, handsome, and totally loveable. I can't wait to see what else is in store for our sweet boy.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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