A Sweet and Simple Mommy Baby Photo Shoot

Impromptu photo shoot! {Photo by: Kacie McMackin}

One thing that doesn’t happen often when you’re a mom is getting your photo taken with your little one(s).  Usually moms are the ones behind the camera – rarely in front of it. Yes, most of us are still struggling with postpartum bodies, hair and skin and aren’t particularly excited about jumping in front of the camera, but mommy-baby photos still need to happen, because our babies are going to want to see photos of us together when they get older.

Well, I was lucky enough to have my photographer friend Kacie do a little impromptu photo shoot of Fern and I recently when we were hanging out.  It was great because it wasn’t forced – just photos of us hanging out at home and some she snapped when we went out to coffee later.  I love the photos because they are simple and pretty and cozy and an accurate depiction of what life with Fern really is like.  Our days aren’t filled with fancy dresses and cute prop styled vignettes – this is our life and I love it!

{Photos by Kacie McMackin}

  • “Wait…that’s not an iPhone!” 1 of 12
    "Wait...that's not an iPhone!"
    Fern is quite accustomed to having her photo taken by me, but usually not with an actual camera.
  • I love my sweet girl 2 of 12
    I love my sweet girl
    A lot.
  • Perplexed 3 of 12
    The look on her face is priceless!
  • Her favorite thing… 4 of 12
    Her favorite thing...
    grabbing Mommy's face - sweet sentiment although the scratches on my face might beg to differ.
  • Baby kisses 5 of 12
    Baby kisses
    I hope she lets me do this for many years to come.
  • Simple and sweet 6 of 12
    Simple and sweet
    I love this shot. It's simple, and not super posey.
  • Her close-up 7 of 12
    Her close-up
    I know I am going to treasure looking back on these one day.
  • Baby feet 8 of 12
    Baby feet
    Still so small but growing quickly.
  • Coffee break 9 of 12
    Coffee break
    I can't wait until Fern is older and we can have mother daughter coffee datees.
  • Yum! 10 of 12
    Fern was hoping for a bite of this muffin. Not yet baby!
  • The thinker 11 of 12
    The thinker
    I wonder what she's thinking in this one?
  • Tuckered out 12 of 12
    Tuckered out
    Posing for the paparazzi is tiring. Now Fern is ready for some snuggles and a nap.

{All photos taken by Kacie McMackin}

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