A Tantrum Already? At Just 9 Months Old?

Lately I’ve found myself researching the question, “What age do tantrums start?” because my 9 month-old has taken to throwing herself down with true, forceful anger and kicking everything in sight. And it’s not always to get a reaction out of me, or to test boundaries. Sometimes the precipitant is as simple as accidentally dropping a toy behind the couch.

Isn’t this supposed to be terrible two’s territory? I’ve never heard of anyone saying the “9th Nasty month” or the “Nuisance 9 months.” According to the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), parents can expect tantrums when their kids are between 1 and 4 years old. So, I’ll read into it that and say, “My daughter’s so advanced she started having tantrums at 9 months old.” I feel better already.

Upon further reading, theĀ (NASP) article by Dr. Harrington states:

At home, there are predictable situations that can be expected to trigger temper tantrums, such as bedtime, suppertime, getting up, getting dressed, bath time, watching TV, parent talking on the phone, visitors at the house, family visiting another house, car rides, public places, family activities involving siblings, interactions with peers, and playtime. Other settings include transitions between activities, on the school bus, getting ready to work, interactions with other children, directives from the teacher, group activities, answering questions in class, individual seat work, and the playground.

Okay, I have to stop. Is there any situation NOT mentioned on this list? Because I’ve been trying for the past 10 minutes to think of an activity that I might do with my daughter that ISN’T. Maybe if I rent a beach all to ourselves, but make sure there’s no playtime? And when is a baby not involved in play? Meals are mentioned, and so is bedtime; I guess sleep is all that’s left?

Well, at least I know everything is normal. Tantrum time, here we come.

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