A Tummy Time Photo Album

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I grabbed the camera during Little Beans vacation tummy time. The sequence of photos just screamed for me to write captions. This all lasted for about 5 minutes.

He cracks me up!

(photos after the jump)

  • What? Tummy Time? OK, I’m game. 1 of 14
    What? Tummy Time? OK, I'm game.
  • What’s over there? 2 of 14
    What's over there?
  • Over there? 3 of 14
    Over there?
  • Wait a minute. I have fun stuff right here! 4 of 14
    Wait a minute. I have fun stuff right here!
  • ohhh I really want that! 5 of 14
    ohhh I really want that!
  • It’s just so cool! 6 of 14
    It's just so cool!
  • What’s that Big Brother? 7 of 14
    What's that Big Brother?
    Side Note: Big Brother was on the couch and he started talking. It got Little Bean's attention right away.
  • Now… back to this ball. 8 of 14
    Now... back to this ball.
  • Mom, I didn’t know you were watching! 9 of 14
    Mom, I didn't know you were watching!
  • Oh! and Dad’s here too? 10 of 14
    Oh! and Dad's here too?
  • More toys! 11 of 14
    More toys!
  • This is so FUN! But I’m getting tired. 12 of 14
    This is so FUN! But I'm getting tired.
  • Ok, I’m done. 13 of 14
    Ok, I'm done.
  • Time for a nap. 14 of 14
    Time for a nap.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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