A Week in the Life of Addie

Go Red Sox!

I like to think this past week was pretty eventful. We had Easter, the start of the baseball season – professionally and the softball league Daddy plays with and we also decorated Addison’s bedroom to make room for all her toys.

In her bedroom the baby swing is gone,  new toy organizer is in. I covered the closet doors we use for storage with a curtain like I originally wanted to do and just got soooo much accomplished. I feel like unplugging a little bit and falling behind in my work was so worth it.

We enjoyed the start of the Red Sox season. We hare big fan’s here in our home – and our children have no choice but to join us on the Red Sox bandwagon. Sure we got off to a rough start but… hey our rivals did too!

We celebrated our first Easter without my sister, which was incredibly hard. As I got Addie into her high chair for dinner before everyone came into the house. A song that reminds me of her came on the radio. Lightening Strikes by Live.

the angel opens her eyes
pale blue colored iris,
presents the circle
and puts the glory out to hide, hide

As I sit there thinking about my sister who is now a beautiful angel, I shed a tear looking at my beautiful daughter knowing she will always have her own personal angel keeping her safe. It wasn’t a sad cry, it was one of those cries that is just indifferent. Not happy, but not grief. Just a cry to get it out because we all need those on occasion in my shoes.

Overall we had a beautiful day, and week preparing for it flew right by.

It is hard to believe I was still pregnant last Easter!

Where does time go?

How was your Easter?

  • New Bedroom 1 of 15
    New Bedroom
    Addison sat in her crib and played as I moved stuff around and worked on organizing her toys in the corner... so far everything has worked out flawlessly and I realize I should have done this a long time ago!
  • First Flip Flops! 2 of 15
    First Flip Flops!
    Addie wore her first pair of flip flops this week! Although she lost one in the boy's school before the end of the day. I consider myself extremely lucky that they realized it belonged to "The Elwood Family" and returned it!
  • Playing with Grandma 3 of 15
    Playing with Grandma
    Addison was playing with Grandma in the yard before the boys attacked. She crawled away as quick as she could. Wanting NO part in the game they wanted to play!
  • Hot Mess! 4 of 15
    Hot Mess!
    This is what Addison looks like in the morning after breakfast. Her hair is officially out of control and it is almost impossible to tame it because she won't LET me!
    She has my exotic bird hair!
  • New Sippy Cup? 5 of 15
    New Sippy Cup?
    We tried milk in a new sippy cup this week. She liked the cup, didn't care for the milk. Oh well... no big deal since we are still nursing.
  • Go Red Sox! 6 of 15
    Go Red Sox!
    She wore all of her Red Sox gear to cheer them on during opening day. How adorable was she on Thursday?
  • Playing Dress Up 7 of 15
    Playing Dress Up
    She normally loves her sunglasses. She has quite the collection for an 11 month old. Although Friday morning she did nothing but take them off. Oh well!
  • Softball Practice! 8 of 15
    Softball Practice!
    The first softball game of last season Addison was still in my belly! Come the third - she was here... The second, well I was in the hospital recovering. First practice was Friday evening and MAN was it COLD!
  • Easter Morning! 9 of 15
    Easter Morning!
    Nice hair huh? I was joking that she looked like she belonged in one of the Austin Powers movies! She watched as Mommy & Daddy cooked breakfast together for everyone!
  • Our Family 10 of 15
    Our Family
    On Easter we tried to take a couple pictures together. This was the best that we got when it came to a "family" picture! Oh well!
  • Addie & Grandpa 11 of 15
    Addie & Grandpa
    Addie got to spend some time with her Grandpa (DH's father) and I got a couple really cute pictures of them.
  • Addie & My Parents 12 of 15
    Addie & My Parents
    How adorable is this? That is Addison with my parents... who absolutely adore her (and the boys!)
  • My Three Kids 13 of 15
    My Three Kids
    Well, this is the best I got of the three of them together... Addie wanted no part of it at all. And after the kids got two bags of jelly beans (the only candy they got for Easter) they wanted no part of pictures!
  • Addison & Daddy 14 of 15
    Addison & Daddy
    A rare Daddy spotting! My husband doesn't care much for pictures... but I love this one!
  • Easter Basket 15 of 15
    Easter Basket
    This is Addie's Easter Basket. Small but enough for her. She got a My Little Pony baby, a new sippy cup and a book. She loved it all and played with it all day!

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