A Week in the Life of Addison!

She is so damn busy!

Ever wonder the busy schedule of a 10-month-old?

Well, here I am to bring it to you firsthand!  Addison seems to have become a huge VIP in the past couple weeks and she is extremely busy. Developments, milestones, accomplishments … you name it and she has done it!

I feel like my baby is no longer a baby and it is totally breaking my heart! When did my little mini five-pound nugget become this SEVENTEEN-pound chunky, crawling monster? WHEN?!?!

I think I am really just taking it much harder because this is our last baby. I will never get to experience all these milestones again and as a young mother it is kind of killing me. I mean of course who knows what the future may hold but it doesn’t make it any less hard!


This past week we have tackled some serious milestones!  Addie has become a professional crawler, pulled herself up on a number of objects and of course has started to become a professional little sister — annoying the crap out of her big brothers!

Sit down, relax and enjoy the cuteness!

  • My Stroller is my New Favorite Toy! 1 of 16
    My Stroller is my New Favorite Toy!
    Addison got a doll stroller/walker for Christmas from Santa... well she finally is able to play with it and it has become her new favorite toy!
    Although she has been fighting her brothers off to play with it instead of sharing!
    I love when she starts to get into "new" toys that help to advance her!
  • New Foods! 2 of 16
    New Foods!
    Favorite new food? Mandarin oranges!
    We tried them for the first time this week and now she loves them!
    It seems like it is the only thing she has much of an appetite for when I actually let her choose what she will eat by feeding herself.
  • Cruising! 3 of 16
    Oh what does this picture have to do with cruising?
    Maybe it was the fact that I completely forgot she was pulling stuff off the coffee table as I sat down to eat my lunch.
    I turned for a whole 10 seconds and SMASH!
    There was my damn nachos all over the floor!
    I guess that is what I get for trying to eat crappy food while her brothers aren't around!
  • Trading Toys 4 of 16
    Trading Toys
    This week as her brothers stole her doll stroller...
    She stole the fire trucks!
    I guess she will be taking after them and their love for the fire trucks and fire house thanks to Daddy!
  • Damn Cold! 5 of 16
    Damn Cold!
    This nasty cough is going through the house!
    While Addie is finally getting over it, she was NOT a happy camper late last week!
    Now Mommy is the miserable one battling it with ADULT Hyland's goodness!
  • Sippy Cup PRO! 6 of 16
    Sippy Cup PRO!
    No more testing the waters with the sippy cup!
    She is an official professional. A milestone I am extremely happy about as it will allow me to leave her for more than an hour on occasion!
    Tomorrow Addison will have her first day with Grandma while I bring her brothers to the dentist.
  • Lowering the Crib Matress! 7 of 16
    Lowering the Crib Matress!
    Oh you are pulling yourself up in your crib?
    I guess it is time to get that crib mattress lowered!
    Now where did I put that damn screw driver?!?
  • Rockstar Addie 8 of 16
    Rockstar Addie
    The other night I ran into the bathroom to pee in between dinner and getting the kids all ready for bed (hence Addison's helmet off to change clothes)
    And I came out to her with Sunglasses on!
    Her oldest brother decided she needed to wear his cars sunglasses and she liked them so much she actually left them on!
    Looks like she needs her own pair!
  • Daytona 500! 9 of 16
    Daytona 500!
    Addie has decided Grandma's house is a raceway.
    There is a circular type pattern where the boys normally run through... well now Addison is crawling right behind them.
  • Early Morning Cuddles with Grandma 10 of 16
    Early Morning Cuddles with Grandma
    One morning after dropping her big brothers off at school we made a pit stop to see grandma.
    How precious are they together?
  • CAUGHT! 11 of 16
    Trying to get into Grandma's books!
    Now it is time to start hiding everything in the baby arms reach!
  • Swing Swing! 12 of 16
    Swing Swing!
    This week has been beautiful!
    We have been enjoying the swing set in our yard a lot!
    I love this picture
  • More Swinging! 13 of 16
    More Swinging!
    I really just loved this picture too!
    I took it while she was mid swing, and she was just SOO happy... I mean how cute is that?!
    She just melts my heart!
  • Yogurt! 14 of 16
    Yogurt for breakfast is her favorite!
    She likes to feed herself, but she is totally lazy in the morning, like me... and her brothers!
    I guess the apple doesn't fall too far!
  • Check Up! 15 of 16
    Check Up!
    She went for her check up at the Pediatrician!
    She is all of 17 pounds and has grown TWO inches since her last visit.
    No wonder none of her clothes fit anymore!
  • First Finger Stick! 16 of 16
    First Finger Stick!
    She also had her first finger stick at that appointment.
    She didn't even cry! I was so proud of her!
    She looked more PISSED than anything!
    Addie also had the band aid off in a record 5 minutes!

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