A Wild Welcome to the World: 11 Record-Breaking Babies and Births!

You're a winner, baby!

Some people strive for decades to earn the lifetime bragging rights that come with world records. Others, like the incredible babies and births you’ll read about after the jump, are simply born into fame. Check out our truly eye-popping roundup of the biggest, the smallest, the hairiest, and more titles that end in -est that only a tot could earn. We can only guess that, when asked about their success, these babes respond Ý  la Gaga, “Baby, I was born this way.”

— Jillian Capewell

  • Hairiest Girl 1 of 11
    Hairiest Girl
    At 11 years old, Supatra Sasuphan officially holds the World Record for hairiest girl — a title she's happy to claim — and this photo from 2006 shows she was just as happy (and hairy) as a tot.
    Source: NY Daily News
    Photo Source: Nollywood Gossip
  • Heaviest Baby 2 of 11
    Heaviest Baby
    Perhaps it just ran in the family. Anna Bates, who lived from 1846-88, was 7-feet, 5.5-inches tall when she gave birth to a baby boy weighing 23 lb., 12 oz. and measuring in at 30 inches long. Sadly, the boy died 11 hours after birth.
    Source: Guinness World Records
    Photo Source: Wikipedia
  • Most Babies Delivered at Birth to Survive 3 of 11
    Most Babies Delivered at Birth to Survive
    There have been three known cases of seven children surviving at a single birth, but most readers might remember the McCaughey septuplets, born November 19, 1997 to Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey in Des Moines, Iowa. The babies were delivered after 31 weeks by Caesarean section, all weighing under 3 lb., 4 oz.
    Source: Guinness World Records
    Photo Source: Edwin Dwianto
  • Largest Baby in the Wild 4 of 11
    Largest Baby in the Wild
    If you're having trouble with your growing belly bump, consider how the Australian stump-tailed skink (Tiliqua rugosa) must feel: at birth, the newborn weighs more than a third of its mother's weight. To put that in perspective, that's the equivalent of a six-year-old passing through your vaginal canal. Makes plain-old human birth seem easy, huh?
    Source: Guinness World Records
    Photo Source: Wikipedia
  • The First Test Tube Baby 5 of 11
    The First Test Tube Baby
    Though in-vitro fertilization is a common option for couples trying to conceive today, Louise Brown, born in Oldham, UK, on July 25, 1978, will always have the distinction of being the first tot to be born thanks to the groundbreaking reproductive technology from OB/GYN Patrick Steptoe and physiologist Robert Edwards.
    Source and Photo Source: Popular Science
  • 7 Billionth Baby 6 of 11
    7 Billionth Baby
    With the staggering number of births and deaths occurring around the world, it's impossible to pinpoint the exact moment the world's population shifted to 7 billion. Born just before midnight on October 30, 2011, Danica May Camacho of the Phillipines was the first to mark a succession of babies chosen by the UN to celebrate the population milestone.
    Source and Photo Source: CBS News
  • Most Talked-about Baby 7 of 11
    Most Talked-about Baby
    Beyoncé and Jay-Z's child is breaking records in the womb. Shortly after Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, Twitter rates went up to about 8,868 Tweets per second — surpassing events such as the death of Osama Bin Laden, Japan's earthquake, and the previous record holder, Japan's victory against the United States at the women's World Cup final in July 2011.
    Source and Photo Source: TIME
  • Shortest Woman to Give Birth 8 of 11
    Shortest Woman to Give Birth
    The world's shortest woman to give birth is Stacey Herald of Kentucky, who stands at 2 feet, 4 inches. She delivered her first child in 2006 and has since given birth twice more. Of her three kids, her oldest and youngest have also inherited her condition.
    Source: Guinness World Records
    Photo Source: The Daily Mail
  • Smallest Baby at Birth 9 of 11
    Smallest Baby at Birth
    Little Nisa Juarez of the USA, born on July 2, 2002, measured only 9.44 inches when she was delivered 108 days premature, just about half of the average infant length of 14-20 inches. She may have been in a rush to get out of that uterus, but she wasn't going anywhere: baby Juarez stayed in the hospital for four months before she was big enough to go home.
    Source: Guinness World Records
    Photo Source: Palo Alto Online
  • Toothiest Baby 10 of 11
    Toothiest Baby
    What do you do when your little one's born with a full set of chompers? That's what the mother of Sean Keaney, born April 10, 1990, must have wondered when the doctor handed over her baby — who already had 12 grown-in teeth! They were later extracted to avoid feeding problems.
    Source: Guinness World Records
    Photo Source: Sonoma Family Life
  • Baby with Most Fingers and Toes 11 of 11
    Baby with Most Fingers and Toes
    Akshat Saxena was born with 34 total fingers and toes — which earned him a Guinness World Record in 2011. Saxena's digits are a result of a condition called polydactyly.
    Source and Photo Source: Huffington Post

Photo source: Putnam Live

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