Abby's Two Month Checkup

Double Nap
Two naps: better than one!

So Abby had her eight-week checkup this week. This marks the end, as far as her ped is concerned, of counting by weeks; now she’s two months old. Big girl!

She was on model behavior! Actually, lately she’s been much calmer and apt to sit quietly on her own for a bit, gazing around and kicking or meditating on the ceiling fan. She was freshly fed, so when the doctor came in, she sat very quietly and patiently for his exam, even the peeking-at-her-tiny-‘ginie part. You’d never know she often spends her car rides in a state of extreme unction, red-faced and sweaty and screaming as Penny hides her face with her hands.

“This is impressive!” he said.

“I think I’ve earned a boring baby,” I said.

He had a med student with him, a tall, gangly, curly-haired dude that looked like he should be seeing a pediatrician himself. Seriously, it was like having Tim Lincecum examining my baby. “Wow!” he exclaimed, as he poked her in the spleen and she eyeballed him curiously. The doctor and I put on kind of a little here’s-the-baby show for him. He didn’t even try to pick her up! Cute, but I’m glad I’ve got my old-dude doctor whose kids are in college.

Anyway, he pronounced her “in disgustingly good health,” gaining weight beautifully (seven ounces in the last two weeks, putting her at 10 lbs 6 oz and 22 inches) and hovering around the 50th percentile for both height and weight. “She’s slightly better at gaining weight than growing tall,” the doctor said. “Well, me too,” I told him. Wacka wacka!

We had already done the DTAP two weeks earlier I’m not messing with pertussis, as I think I might have mentioned once or a million times so we didn’t have too many shots. Depressingly, he said the first DTAP only “primed the pump” for the later vaccines, so I don’t even think she’s protected yet. Yikes. Penny and I got our flu shots, though, and she’ll get her protection from mine, through the ol’ boob highway.

(I know this is Abby’s blog, but I have to mention that Penny was absolutely great at getting her shot! I let her watch mine, and was prepared for caterwauling, but she didn’t make a peep. I looked  at her face to see if maybe she was quiet because she was in mid-pre-scream-grimace, but no, she was looking at the Sesame Street decals on the wall and exploded with excited exclamations of “Cookie Mon-taaah! Elmo! Bee budd!” So okay! That’s over with!)

What else. Abby still has a bit of a hairy butt, which is apparently normal, and breast buds, which is a weird thing that happens with infants around this age. The doctor said that they don’t know why they used to say it was moms on the pill, but there wasn’t a correlation. I had always heard it was just from Mom’s hormones. Plus babies are all fat! So to me they’re just tiny little Buddha man-boobs!

I mentioned the fact that sometimes her eyes cross, and he said that happens more at birth and should taper off and happen less and less as the months go by. Since neither Randy nor I have funky eyesight, he expects hers’ll straighten out. So far, so good.

He was impressed with her sleeping habits, and the only worry I had was that once in a while she’ll still have a dry diaper after a long sleep. He said that’d make him worry, too, but as long as that’s rare, it’s okay.

So that is a bit of a boring update, for which I’m obviously grateful! Her next checkup is in a month, and her next shots are in two weeks. I think. Better enter all that into Google Calendar before I forget.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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