Abigail's Winter Naming Ceremony: A Party Planning Slider

This weekend. It’s coming. She’s to receive her Anishinaabe Spirit Name. I’ve written about this ceremony before. Over here.

It’s going to be a special, beautiful day, much like a baby shower is intended to be, but with less gifts. More feast and ceremony. Somehow, in the crazy that is our day-to-day life, we did not have a baby shower for Abby.

Probably has something to do with the fact that we had Wyndham and Abigail so close together and did not need for much. Still, It’s nice to have a party. I lurves me a good party. Plus, babies are meant to be celebrated.

And this? This ceremony, and feast, and celebration? Means I can whip out every last feminine urge I ever had in decorating and planning centerpieces and dreaming up table clusters and dessert tables and feast food.

And giveaways (gifts), for our sponsors. I dig crafting as you may or may not have surmised. Now you know. Essentially carving out a magical time, making it stand as still as possible – by holding a beautiful space for a very important day in Abby’s life. All of our lives.

You may note that a number of these ideas stem from weddings…no matter. A party, is a party, is a party. I’ll be back next week with a slider of the turn-out. I may be up all night tomorrow making pom poms and sewing bunting, but it will be #worthit.

  • Table-Dressing 1 of 13
    Vintage books stackers to make cake stands! Obviously not done here, but that's what I'm doing!
    Photo Credit: The Bridal District
  • Pom Pom Flowers 2 of 13
    Pom Pom Flowers
    I know. Everyone under the sun is all about this mason jar madness for party decor. I too adore it so me no care. Pom pom flowers in mason jars in various places around the house.
    Craft tute and Photo Credit: Poopscape Projects.
  • Feast Food Plates 3 of 13
    Feast Food Plates
    No Royal Chinette paper plates on this day. Because I have the china that begs use for an event just like this.
    Photo Credit: Cafe Mom: The Stir.
  • Dessert Table 4 of 13
    Dessert Table
    Errr...dresser. Love this idea for the dresser as the dessert table. My sister is making a bevy of cupcakes and I have some cake plates and tiers to arrange them on. We'll just wheel the kids' dresser (refurbished from when the mister was a child), out from their bedroom into the foyer!
    Photo Credit: Cutest Baby Shower Ideas.
  • Tea Sets 5 of 13
    Tea Sets
    Time to bust out my vintage tea sets, I'll be making cedar tea to serve guests.
    Photo Credit: Vintage Wedding Fair.
  • Abigail’s Name Display 6 of 13
    Abigail's Name Display
    Her name arranged via vintage blocks on the dessert table on top of some of our vintage book collection. Of which of course, there are owl books. Oh yes.
    Photo Credit: The Sweetest Occasion.
  • Table-Cloth: Feast Table 7 of 13
    Table-Cloth: Feast Table
    A simple lace tablecloth for the feast table can look so beautiful...adding various sized lace doilies on side tables and kitchen island. Swoon.
    Photo Credit: Madame BonBon.
  • Inspiration.. 8 of 13
    For the ceremony, celebration and feast party.
    Photo Credit: Meghan Sheffield on Pinterest.
  • Tissue Paper Pom Poms 9 of 13
    Tissue Paper Pom Poms
    Hanging from the ceiling above the feast table & in our entry-way from the chandelier. All cream & white.
    Photo Credit & DIY Tute: Squidoo.
  • Lace Covered Guest Journal & Scrapbook 10 of 13
    Lace Covered Guest Journal & Scrapbook
    We have the perfect bed-side table for from the mister's child-hood to use for this.
    Photo Credit: Pink Wedding Shoes.
  • Vintage Dress Bunting 11 of 13
    Vintage Dress Bunting
    Hung by hemp string and clothespins...we have lots of dresses for this project!
    Photo Credit: Jen Loves Kev.
  • More With The Mason Jars 12 of 13
    More With The Mason Jars
    I have so many glass jars and mason jars of various sizes to create a cluster arrangement on the feast table. With winter cat-tails and fragrant herbs in the jars instead.
    Photo Credit: Ruffled.
  • Afraid of Nothing As Though I Had Wings 13 of 13
    Afraid of Nothing As Though I Had Wings
    A damn fine Mary Oliver quote I wish I had the time to paint and frame for Abby, to gift her on this special day. Instead I will write it on a big chalkboard. Unless that magical faerydust gets to making 2 of me.
    Photo Credit: Why I Can't Predict The Weather Past The Storm.

Did you have a baby shower for all of your babies? What traditions do you celebrate in your home before or after the birth of your baby?

Top Image Credit via: Fabulous Fifty

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