Addie and Her Cloth Diapers… That Don't Fit!

The diaper is as big as her!

I love cloth diapers. Last summer we switched our middle son over to cloth completely, and my oldest uses them part time. Well, used to… since he is potty trained FINALLY!

So when it came to diapering our daughter, I really wanted to go the cloth route also. I got her a full stash of AppleCheeks cloth diapers, and a couple other kinds here and there. I think all total she has 2 FuzziBunz and 2 Charlie Bananas also. Besides the point…

Seeing as she was less than 6 pounds when she was born, she has been a little small for the cloth diapers we have. When she hit the 7 pound mark, which is the size one set of the diapers starts at, I figured she would fit right into them. Ha! Not so much!

So we did a little photo shoot with the diapers and it actually was pretty comical.

  • Addie & Cloth size 1 of 6
    Addie & Cloth size
    Not very happy
  • Calming down… slightly 2 of 6
    Calming down... slightly
    The diaper is basically she size of her
  • And a little bit more calm… 3 of 6
    And a little bit more calm...
    Another size example
  • Not for long! 4 of 6
    Not for long!
    And cue the hysterics!
  • AppleCheeks 5 of 6
    A butt view
  • Does this thing fit? 6 of 6
    Does this thing fit?
    And how she looks giant with it on...

Needless to say, they don’t fit all that well… and we will be waiting another couple weeks till we switch her over fully from the current disposables we are using.

I wasn’t planning on having her in pampers this long, but then again… I wasn’t really planning on having a tiny little munchkin either!

My Cloth Diaper Dilemma: Is it worth the trouble?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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