Addie is Six Months Old!

Strike a Pose!

Six months old already… where has the first half-year of Addie’s life gone? It seems like yesterday I was in the hospital cradling this petite and fragile 5 pound, 12 ounce little girl, and now I am struggling to lug around this chunky little Princess with more rolls than a bakery!

She has personality!  That is for sure. If she wants something … you will know it.  But overall she is an awesome baby.  We are still going strong breastfeeding which, for me, is a giant accomplishment.

We started solids, she enjoys brown rice cereal, and so far has tried squash — and from her reaction I am going to go ahead and assume she likes it.  It smells pretty good, so it can’t be too bad?

She is slowly reverting backwards when it comes to sleeping through the night. She slept more in the first two months of her life at night than she does now, but I will get back to sleeping through the night some day, right?  I mean heck, last night I had a three-year-old in my doorway at 2am crying that he had to pee.  Parenthood, right?

I think she will be full-blown crawling by Christmas. She already really wants to go.

Now for the cute pictures. LOL!

  • Addie is Six Months Old! 1 of 8
    As of October 30th, at 4:26am Addison Ann is six months old! I cannot BELIEVE it!
  • Crawling Soon! 2 of 8
    She wants to GO with her Brothers! She sees them playing and running around and it pisses her off that she can't follow them!
  • Her expressions! 3 of 8
    Her facial expressions are HYSTERICAL! She is certainly a woman that belongs right in my family!
  • Her Smile! 4 of 8
    Her smile melts my heart. Look at that! Little do you know, Daddy was in the corner helping me get her to look towards the camera.
  • Play Time! 5 of 8
    She loves play time, toys, pillows, stuffed animals, teething toys... you name it she loves it.
  • Attacking 6 of 8
    She attacks things now. Toys mostly, but if you aren't careful you will get a nice scratch or smack while holding her!
  • Thumb! 7 of 8
    She has found her thumb and loves using it as a chew toy!
  • First Halloween 8 of 8
    At six months, and one day, Addie celebrated Halloween... She was an Owl! And not very amused by all of it. LOL

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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