Adorable Newborn Photography: Props & 6 Tips

Babies Really Do Rule The Universe...

Newborn babies are infinitely fascinating to look at and photograph. Especially mine! Obviously. Oh, okay – all new babies are wondrous to look at. In all of their schrunchy faced, wrinkly glory. I’m just partial to mine at the moment, as I’m sure y’all can understand.

Which brings me to thoughts of capturing these precious few moments, as she is evolving ever so rapidly, day by day. As someone who dabbles in photography, I’d like to think that perhaps I can take on the task of choreographing my own photo shoot, (as much as one can with a newborn that is).

Hiring a photographer can be expensive, especially if you want someone to come to your home during the first 2 or so weeks, or if you are looking for something qualitatively unique. Here’s some adorable for your Monday. What do you think? Just click below each image for the source…

Now that you’re all inspired and got your Etsy on, here’s a few tips for the adventurous of heart. Have fun!

1. De-clutter, set the scene and avoid flash at all costs. Shooting in natural light is most complimentary as is choosing an interesting backdrop to provide a dynamic contrast.

2. Use fun props: hats, cheesecloth or knitted woombies, cute diapers, wooden bowls, baskets, etc. Get creative with different textures.

3. Get creative with your lens and settings. Shoot from different angles, adjust your aperatures to work in darker environments and capture stills with the focus on your subject and a blurred backdrop. For example: alternatively position yourself at the end of your newbie and focus on the feet and throw the rest of his/her frame in a creative blur.

4. Use your zoom to vary the composition of your shots for cute close-ups of body parts, spanning out to grab contextual portraits or ones that reveal the entire length of your babe.

5. Experiment when shooting or editing. Black and white carries strong emotion that colour doesn’t always capture. Trust your instincts! Chances are if it looks better in black and white to you, then you are right! You can always save both, (colour and b&w – and ask someone else’s opinion).

6. Emphasize the petit proportions of your newborn by taking pictures with parent(s) and sibling(s). Or the family pet!

I’ll  be putting some of these idears and props into play over the next couple of days, of course sharing the goods here when I’m done. About that Birth Story & Vid I keep droning on about? It’s a comin’! For some odd reason, things are a tad bit more busy around here and there’s a new boss in town…

Are you a non-profesh photographer who does their own newborn/baby photo’s? If so, link up and share! I love that action.

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