Adventures in Baby Food Making: PEAS!

I never understood people’s aversion to peas. I blame the brownish mush that comes in cans. Fresh and even frozen peas are so vibrant and tasty. My six-year-old has always loved them. He even eats them frozen out of the bag when I’m cooking!

Will his younger brother share this love? Find out in my newest Baby Food Adventure…

  • Start with Frozen Peas 1 of 16
    Start with Frozen Peas
    I always keep a few bags in the freezer.
  • Cook and Defrost 2 of 16
    Cook and Defrost
    Simply add some boiling water. It brings the peas to the perfect temperature when starting with frozen.
  • Puree 3 of 16
    Again, I used my bullet. Any food processor or blender would work.
  • Too much water? 4 of 16
    Too much water?
    I used too much, my peas were too runny. You could simply add more peas, but I was all out. Instead I…
  • Yay for oatmeal! 5 of 16
    Yay for oatmeal!
    Mixed it a bit of baby oatmeal to thicken.
  • Taste Test Time! 6 of 16
    Taste Test Time!
    He was really hungry so he already had a few bites of oatmeal. Time for something new!
  • image-271 7 of 16
    His expression DEFINITELY changed.
  • The Verdict? 8 of 16
    The Verdict?
    NOT HAPPY! This was the first time he reacted like this to ANYTHING he's tried. I know this sounds bad, but it was hysterical!
  • Next Attempt 9 of 16
    Next Attempt
    I thought MAYBE mixing in a little dry formula would add a familiar taste and and sweeten them up a little. So I tried that. His response….
  • NOT GONNA HAVE IT. 10 of 16
    Well, that didn't work. Last attempt….
  • Maybe Applesauce Will Save the Day? 11 of 16
    Maybe Applesauce Will Save the Day?
    You never know? Worth a try right?
  • It Worked! 12 of 16
    It Worked!
    The applesauce added a familiar texture and flavor. Just a little swirled in and he loved it!
  • All done! 13 of 16
    All done!
    I mean REALLY loved it!
  • Happy Full Baby! 14 of 16
    Happy Full Baby!
    He was so content after that meal and even though he wouldn't eat the peas straight up he had a very well rounded bowl of peas, oatmeal, applesauce, and formula.
  • Store Leftover Pea Puree 15 of 16
    Store Leftover Pea Puree
    Even though he doesn't like it straight up, it makes a great addition to his meals. Plus you never know he may come around. Baby's tastes change regularly.
  • The Future Looks Bright! 16 of 16
    The Future Looks Bright!
    He's already coming around! 😉

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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