Adventures in Baby Food Making: The Microwaved Sweet Potato 

I’m planning a new series of posts called “Adventures in Baby Food Making” where I share some quick and easy ways I prepare food for the Little Bean.

I’m not against jar bought baby food. I buy it along with making my own. My goal is to transition baby to simply eating what I’m eating over the next few months, but right now we are in the solo food trying stage. He and I are having fun as he experiences new flavors and textures.

Focus this week: The Sweet Potato. 

Let the adventure begin!

  • 1. Wash  1 of 11
    1. Wash 
    Yes, EVEN if it's organic. 
  • 2. Pierce 2 of 11
    2. Pierce
    We want NO microwave potato explosions! 
  • 3. Microwave 3 of 11
    3. Microwave
    Cook it for 3 minutes then assess doneness. You are looking for a soft to the touch feel. After 3 minutes, cook in 1 minute increments until done. The one pictured took 5 minutes total. 
  • 4. Cut and Cool 4 of 11
    4. Cut and Cool
    It's not only too hot for baby, but for you!  Just half it and let it sit for a bit. 
  • 5. Scoop  5 of 11
    5. Scoop 
    The nice thing about sweet potatoes, they are naturally soft when cooked all the way. Simply Scoop out.
  • 6. Squish 6 of 11
    6. Squish
     Feel free to run it through a processor or simply smash with a fork. Add water/formula/breastmilk to get a consistency right for your baby. 
  • 7. Feed 7 of 11
    7. Feed
    I love this age. They have no idea what's coming so there are no complaints. 
  • 8. Cross Your FIngers. 8 of 11
    8. Cross Your FIngers.
    Am I the only Mom who cringes when offering new food? I'm always worried it will be rejected.
  • 9. Celebrate!  9 of 11
    9. Celebrate! 
    Little Bean made a few funny faces at first, but by the 3rd bite he was sold! 
  • 10. Store 10 of 11
    10. Store
    Store the leftovers in saved baby food jars or any airtight container. 
  • 11. That’s it!  11 of 11
    11. That's it! 
    Here's little guy after his complete meal of sweet potatoes plus a little Brown Rice Cereal mixed with formula. He's been eating like a champ twice a day and I nurse him the rest. We've found a nice balance that's working for us! 

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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