Already? Natural Teething Remedies For Early Poppers

Early Teething, Apparently Not The Norm.

Could it be? Could our little Abby be teething already? It wasn’t even me who thought it first. It was my bestie who noted the drooling and her noshing on any and all body-parts. Her own or others…

Wyndham was a fairly early teether, he busted out with his central incisors (middle bottom teeth), when he was 4 1/2 months. I swear he was growing and feeling that growing pain for quite a while before that though. Some research states that it’s genetic, this early teething, which would make sense, as my mom said I was an early teether too.

All I do know for sure is that I’m stocking up on the remedies, opting to steer clear of benzocaine medicines and repetitive dosages of the sugar and dyes in baby tylenol. Just my personal choice, y’all. If you are more naturally inclined when it comes to such choices, check out this dandy slideshow of what my scouring of the interwebs (and personal experience with our first), has found.

  • Boiron – Camilia Teething Relief 1 of 7
    Boiron - Camilia Teething Relief
    We use this homeopathic life-saver with Wyndham when he's teething (which feels like all the time, pretty much. Hello even more sleepless nights!) and it helps. To be honest it seemed to help even more when he was a younger babe. Learn more about Camilia, and where to buy it online here! (Also found in most health-food stores and even major drug-store chains).
  • Amber Teething Necklaces 2 of 7
    Amber Teething Necklaces
    Do they work? I've met many mama's who stand by them with solid reviews. Being the DIY'er I am, it's time to hit up a bead shop that carries these semi-precious little healers and make my own! You can order one here.
  • Sophie The Giraffe 3 of 7
    Sophie The Giraffe
    Made with 100% natural rubber and food paint, this wee giraffe is a favourite in many households for a reason. It was a hit with Wyndham and as soon as Abby is onto grasping things, she's got a brand new one waiting for her. You can get one here on Amazon, or any baby store, really.
  • Kids 0-9 Teething Oral Solution 4 of 7
    Kids 0-9 Teething Oral Solution
    We've used their cough & cold syrups with excellent results, while I am loyal to our tried and true Camilia, it never hurts to have options. Learn more about Kids 0-9 homeopathic medicines here.
  • Humphrey’s Teething Pellets 5 of 7
    Humphrey's Teething Pellets
    Humphrey's has been around for over a century, with a solid reputation. Learn more about their teething pellets here. With our Abby being so young still I would dissolve the recommended dose in some of my breast milk for when she is bottle fed. You can purchase it on Amazon lickety split, right here.
  • Cold Washcloth or BPA Free Teething Ring 6 of 7
    Cold Washcloth or BPA Free Teething Ring
    A cold washcloth or chilled teething ring can really help. Wait a little bit before administering, as direct contact from the freezing could make it worse. Such extreme cold on little bare gums may hurt! If your baby is teething early like our Abby, a washcloth will be easier for them to clasp onto and munch one. I'm going to try dipping the washcloth in chamomile tea.
  • Nursing, Yo! 7 of 7
    Nursing, Yo!
    Arguably the #1 source of comfort for babies! If you are a nursing momma - a solid combo of some of these remedies coupled with BF'ing will most definitely soothe your baby's pain.

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