10 Great Alternative Uses for Baby Wipes

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Image Source: Thinkstock

Oh 4 children of mine, what messes you make wherever you go!  As much as I love my children and think the world of them, they aren’t the best at being neat. While I would love to tell you that trait came from their father, truth is — it’s me. There is a difference though between me and my kids — I have learned to clean up my messes (well … for the most part).

One mommy trick that I learned early on is that baby wipes aren’t just for diaper changes. These multitaskers work fabulously for numerous occasions outside of diaper changing. I always keep a pack of baby wipes handy at all times — and when I say everywhere, I don’t just mean in my diaper bag or by the changing table — think kitchen, car, purse. Here are 10 great uses for baby wipes you might not have thought of yet:

1. Dirty Body Parts

With my baby boy crawling all around, his little knees are prone to get all dirty and look like he hasn’t had a bath in days, when actually it’s just been a few hours. Use baby wipes for a quick wipe down of baby’s hands and knees. They contain no alcohol or fragrance and are great for all body parts!

2. Leather Sofa Quick Clean-Up

We somehow inherited a while leather couch. 4 kids, white leather, and it’s in our family room. Don’t ask, just imagine the goo and gross that the couch sees. Needless to say, the thing needs cleaning — often. Baby wipes have been our best solution for removing kid goo from the couch.

3. Make-Up Remover

Baby wipes serve as an excellent solution for removing make-up! They contain aloe vera and vitamin E that’s great for your skin.

4. Restaurant Tables

Anytime I have baby wipes handy in a restaurant, I give a quick wipe down to the table and high chair before we get settled in for a meal.

5. Car Clean-Up

Our poor car is beat up daily by the kids. Such as today, when the toddler decided to waive his sippy cup that was full of milk around in circles, spraying the back of the car. Thankfully I had baby wipes handy for a quick milk clean up.

6. Emergency House Cleaning

With our house on the market, it must always be sparkling. We do our best, and having baby wipes handy for those emergency cleaning situations allows for stress showings. The kitchen floor under the high chair is a frequent hot spot for using baby wipes.

7. No-Water Dog Bath

Does your dog have a slight odor, but you aren’t ready to commit to a bath? Give pooch a rub down with a few baby wipes to help capture those stray hairs and help him smell a wee bit better.

8. Dirty Cart Cleaner

I don’t know about you, but ever since some grocery stores started placing wipes out to “clean your cart,” it got me thinking. If the carts are THAT dirty, I better make sure my cart is extra clean. Cue the baby wipes…

9. Deodorant Mark Remover

Gotta love a nice white mark under your arm pit from your deodorant! Use a baby wipe and voila! It’s like magic — no more deodorant mark!

10. Leather Shoes

Give a good cleaning to your leather shoes with baby wipes. Add petroleum jelly to your wipe after you clean the leather to give your shoes a nice shine.

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