Amazing IVF Story: Baby Born from Single Frozen Sperm

I have said WOW about a thousand times while reading this story about a couple whose chances of having a baby of their own were slim to none. The Schiraldi’s, a healthy couple in the their early thirties,  tried to get pregnant for two years before discovering that the husband, Jason, had no sperm after a testicular biopsy.

Whereas most men have millions of viable sperm, the lab was only able to locate one living sperm in his sample. They froze the single sperm in the hopes of utilizing it for the couple. Soon after, they implanted it into one of Jason’s wife, Jennifer’s eggs. The chances of it dividing and growing into a healthy embryo was very small (most IVF efforts fertilize a dozen or more eggs in the hopes of having a few healthy embryo available for implantation. Many never divide at all).

Their one healthy embryo was implanted and 10 months later, their daughter Kenley Karlin was born in mid-April! I think it’s truly amazing when modern technology is able to give people like the Schiraldi’s a chance to experience the beauty of parenthood. They truly have a miracle baby to show for it! To read more on this amazing story, visit TODAY Health.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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