15 Amazing Playrooms to Drool Over

amazing playrooms
Be inspired by these 15 amazing playrooms!

With 4 kids, our playroom is the heart of our home. It’s a getaway for our older kids and a play haven for our toddler and baby Zeke.  The room is where the toys live and the a room that rarely sees cleaning.

The current state of our’s is well – sad.  We are in the midst of selling our house, so all fun and playfulness that once was our playroom has now become all decorative and boring – and  surprisingly clean. It’s no longer my kid’s playroom, it’s a staged “game room” – perfect for a growing family. Womp womp.

Bring on the fun! Soon enough, we will move into a new home and there will be another room for me to decorate and for the kids to destroy. I thought I’d share with you some of the amazing playrooms that I’m drawing inspiration from for our next playroom. And by drawing inspiration from, I mean drooling over and purchasing lotto tickets in hopes of hitting it big so mommy can decorate to her heart’s content (yeah, about that). On to the show:

15 Amazing Playrooms to Drool Over

  • A Puppet Theatre 1 of 15
    A Puppet Theatre
    How cool is this? I can only imagine the puppet shows and karaoke nights in that puppet theatre!
    Found at:
  • Go Ahead – Write on the Walls 2 of 15
    Go Ahead - Write on the Walls
    Has your baby started coloring on the walls? With this room, just give him some chalk!
    Found at:
  • A Built-in Slide 3 of 15
    A Built-in Slide
    Imagine the hours of going up and down that slide!
    Found at:
  • Whimsical Playroom 4 of 15
    Whimsical Playroom
    This reminds me of being in a video game, definitely fun and I know my kids would love it.
    Found at:
  • Bright and Bold 5 of 15
    Bright and Bold
    Great idea: paint the backs of the playroom shelves different colors. Those shelves would be stuffed with toys in my house!
    Found at Design Dazzle
  • Totally DIY Doable 6 of 15
    Totally DIY Doable
    This room wouldn't be too expensive to re-create and would last through your baby's elementary years.
    Found at Design Dazzle
  • A Little Girl’s Dream Playroom 7 of 15
    A Little Girl's Dream Playroom
    Creative fun with this cottage room divider. What little girl wouldn't love this?
    Found at
  • Swing 8 of 15
    Could you imagine swinging indoors? Wee!
    Found at
  • Nice and Organized 9 of 15
    Nice and Organized
    Pottery Barn Kids knows how to pull together a functional and stylish playroom. Though, the baskets in our house would never be that straight!
    Found at Pottery Barn Kids
  • Closet Reading Room 10 of 15
    Closet Reading Room
    Who says you need a dedicated room for a playroom? Check out how this closet is used as a reading room!
    Found at Martha Stewart
  • Lofty and Playful 11 of 15
    Lofty and Playful
    How fun would your baby have with this playroom? I can just see Zeke crawling thru the hideout.
    Found at HGTV
  • Bubble Space Chairs 12 of 15
    Bubble Space Chairs
    The wood ceiling gives this room such character and though a no-no for baby - the bubble space chairs are too fun.
    Found at HGTV
  • Practical and Pretty 13 of 15
    Practical and Pretty
    Great use of color and totally functional.
    Found at
  • Vibrant and Baby Friendly 14 of 15
    Vibrant and Baby Friendly
    The great colors and mattress on the ground make this the perfect playroom for a baby!
    Found at Home Edit
  • Practical and Pretty 15 of 15
    Practical and Pretty
    I love this room as it works for multiple ages of children. Plus, how great are these colors!
    Found at:

Which Playroom is Your Favorite?

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