Amazon Mom Makes Changes to Program

Amazon Mom Changes Discount to Diapers and Wipes
Amazon Mom Changes Discount to Diapers and Wipes

If you are an Amazon Mom member you may of noticed a change, or maybe not. I hadn’t until last week. Here’s the deal.

When Amazon first launched it’s Amazon Mom program, they offered a total of 30% off diapers and wipes when you used their Subscribe and Save program. In addition to the 30% off, you also received free 2-day shipping and in most states, didn’t have to pay tax! SCORE! Right? I thought so, and quit buying diapers and wipes from Sams Club to Amazon. I purchase a few months at a time.

Cheap diapers and cheap wipes? With 2 kids in disposable diapers, I’ll take any discount I can get, and 30% is a deal.

Well it appears that the 30% deal quietly went away.

The Amazon Mom discount is now 20%. You get 15% off for using Subscribe and Save and then another 5% (not 15%) for being a Amazon Mom member.

This is a bummer.  Amazon totally has the right to change their prices and discounts. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck for us consumers – 10% can add up!

This change took place back in October without much mention. Amazon changed their graphics, but no official email with notifications appears to have gone out.

Something I did notice and after reading through the discussion on Amazon, confirmed this. If you are a member of Amazon Mom and have diapers or wipes scheduled to send through Subscribe and Save on a future date and the items were setup before October, you will still receive the 30% discount. All new items show the 20% discount. This would be why I just now noticed the change. Baby goes up a size in diapers, and mommy has to pay 10% more.

If you aren’t a member of Amazon Mom, it appears there is now a waiting list. I wonder if they are phasing out this program out. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the Amazon Mom Prime benefit that they gave out with the initial launch. Possibly they are just making adjustments.

Until I can get myself to remember to bring coupons to the store, I’ll still be buying diapers from Amazon. No tax and delivery to my front door is still perks enough for me to purchase.

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P.S. And before you say it. My husband said he refuses to change diapers if we switch to cloth. Even after I told him how cute some of the cloth diapers were, he wasn’t buying it.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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