An Evil Baby Contest I Can Stand Behind.

Well that's not creepy AT ALL.

Generally calling babies “evil” is frowned upon. But let’s face it, babies can be downright creepy (hello sleeping baby on a video monitor screen!) and if you have big eyed babies like I do? Red eye removal is something you’re familiar with. Now wrap your head around 175 photos of babies being submitted to a contest to find one evil baby to rule them all.

The contest is being held by Ilana who runs the blog Mommy Shorts. In the past she has held celebrity baby look alike contests and runs the site “My Baby Looks Like…

What is the contest you ask?

Why it’s the “Evil Baby Glare-Off” Contest!

Image Credit: Mommy Shorts

Today marks phase one of five in deciding the ultimate glare-off winner. Want to have a say? Then head on over and put in your evil two cents. It’s like the Sweet 16 only with grumpy faces and without the sound of shoes squeaking on hardwood!

I’ve already picked my favorite from the 32 finalists and have compiled a few ridiculous photos of my own baby in the true spirit of funny faced baby pictures.

  • Hey! Whattabout it? Yeah, I’ll fight yaz. 2 of 4
    Hey! Whattabout it? Yeah, I'll fight yaz.
  • Heeeey there Ryan Gosling. *wink* I hear you’re into younger ladies… 3 of 4
    Heeeey there Ryan Gosling. *wink* I hear you're into younger ladies...
  • I DO NOT APPROVE. *humph* 4 of 4
    I DO NOT APPROVE. *humph*

Do you have an evil glare photo worthy of fame and fortune?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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