An Inconvenient Poop

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Poop has it’s time and it’s place, but I guess no one told the babies.

Here are eight scenarios where baby poop can be super inconvenient. We’re not talking about a simple diaper change here. We’re talking about outfit busters.

1. You’re about to walk out the door to the party, you’re already late. Explosive poop happens.

2. You just dressed your baby in the cutest outfit ever. You’re marveling at how cute he looks. Poop happens. Goodbye outfit.

3.  Just making a quick jaunt to the store? Realize on the way you forgot the diaper bag? Brush it off because ‘there’s now way it could happen?’ Guess what? It happened.

4.  Out and about, you senselessly blow your last diaper on a little bit of pee. Fifteen minutes later, poop happens.

5.  You’re starving and you’ve just made your lunch. You take a warm bite that leaves you yearning for the next one. Explosivo.

6.  At your favorite sushi bar with no changing table? Don’t let anyone catch you washing that onesie in the serenity fountain.

7.  It’s 6:12am. You’ve just fed the baby and he appears to be drifting off next to you. Ahhhh. He’s sleeping, you can finally snooze. It’s not quite light out yet…Gettysburg.

8.  After a long, cramped, transcontinental transit, you’ve finally arrived at your destination. Before you can even unfasten your seatbelt, the captain makes an announcement. Wait, is that warmth on your leg? Yes, it is. Poop is in abundance. Gates are not.

Tell me some of your inconvenient poop stories!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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