An Interview With My 10-Year-Old: How She Feels About Having a Baby Brother

Today I am introducing you to my oldest child, 10-year-old Zoe. Grayson, my youngest who is 5 months-old, and Zoe have quite the age gap, but that doesn’t stop them from bonding! I thought it would be fun to chat with Zoe and get her thoughts on what it’s like being a big sister to a new baby — along with 4 other siblings.

I will warn you – she is candid and says exactly what comes to her mind, which is why this interview will most likely make you laugh. Zoe is way above her time. While most ten year old girls are obsessing over Justin Bieber, she  is obsessing over John Lennon, peace, and love. She currently is planning to redecorate her bedroom in a “Beatles theme” as we speak.

Being a big sister can be pretty demanding. You are like a live-in babysitter and are always getting asked for help, naturally. Especially when you are 10 and older. Just think — in a few years we really will  have a babysitter which is why I don’t mind the age gap. As a middle child, I had the best of both worlds. My brother is 12 years older than me and my sister is 5 years younger and we are incredibly close. In all honesty, sure. I would have loved to have them closer if life plans worked out that way, but having an older child with a baby is lots of fun. I am sure you will see why I say that in my chat with Zoe below!

Warning: She’s a firecracker! 

  • Meet Zoe 1 of 7
    Meet Zoe
    And click through my interview with her and how she feels about having a baby brother.
  • On Bringing Grayson Home 2 of 7
    On Bringing Grayson Home
    How did you feel when you found out you were going to have a 4th sibling?
    Zoe: I was pretty upset because my parents have enough children but he is cute so I am happy.
  • A Baby Boy After 3 Sisters 3 of 7
    A Baby Boy After 3 Sisters
    Were you excited that it was a boy?
    Me: No, because all of my friends say little brothers do a lot of damage to you and --- they are annoying. And I always take my friend's advice.
  • This Is How Zoe Gets Quiet In Our House 4 of 7
    This Is How Zoe Gets Quiet In Our House
    Have things changed since we've welcomed another baby into the family?
    Zoe: Nothing. Nope, it always stays the same. My mom has like another kid every 5 minutes, and yes Mom - I'm serious. It just gets louder and louder in our house.
  • Brotherly Love 5 of 7
    Brotherly Love
    What is your favorite thing about Grayson?
    Zoe: He's cute and he smiles a lot and laughs a lot. He is a happy baby and that makes me happy.
  • Pet Peeves 6 of 7
    Pet Peeves
    Does anything get on your nerves about having a baby brother? What are you excited about?
    Zoe: Yes, my younger sister Kennadi is always trying to be a mother to him and undress him and I always have to tell her no. She is obsessed with him and that gets on my nerves. I always have to help get his bottle too. I am just glad I don't have to change his diapers because that would be disgusting. I am excited for him to crawl!
  • Oh, The Things Sisters Do 7 of 7
    Oh, The Things Sisters Do
    What is your favorite memory so far of a moment you and Grayon shared?
    Zoe:One day when he was crying I started doing this really silly dance by swaying back and fourth and swinging my arms - kind of like a monkey. He immediately started crying and started laughing. It was so funny and now I can always make him stop crying.

Wardrobe credits: Zoe’s knotted lime headband and Grayson’s mustache blanket are from Little Hip Squeaks. 


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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