An Open Letter To Mom Jeans Everywhere

Mom jeans.  We’ve all seen them and known someone who wears them…maybe some of us even wear them ourselves.  But can we all agree that they don’t look good on anyone?  I know that many women are just trying to cover up their body challenges with these pants and I can absolutely understand that, but I can assure you…mom jeans are not the answer!

And now, I’m going to share an open letter to mom jeans everywhere and hopefully provide you with the perfect solution…the anti-mom jean.

Dear Mom Jeans,

You know who you are. You have made countless women look dumpy beyond their years.  With your ‘9 inch zippers and casual front pleats’ you’ve given women a false sense of security that they are covering up their problem areas when in fact they are only accentuating them. You give women “front butt” and make their actual butts look twice as long as any normal behind should ever look.  You are the denim equivalent of a muumuu and you make women look like they’ve given up on life.

But, your time is quickly coming to an end Mom Jeans. Mothers everywhere are discovering that jeans don’t have to have a crotch to waist length of 24 inches to hide their body challenges. Instead they can embrace their natural shape with the custom designs in the Levi’s Curve ID collection. Well endowed booty and a tiny waist?  There’s a pair of Levi’s for that.  Straight hips with maybe some muffin top action?  There’s also a pair of Levi’s for that.  The Curve ID collection helps women to celebrate the differences in their body and work with their shape instead of against it.

So, Mom Jeans…we no longer need you. We will no longer cover up our bodies with denim muumuus. We will work what our mamas gave us in jeans that actually fit and flatter.  You won’t be missed.


Lauren Hartmann…and women everywhere


A big thanks to Levi’s for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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