An Open Letter to My Husband on Fathers Day (From 2400 Miles Away!)

Dear Mr. Darling,

I know, immediate wife fail. I am waking up on the strip, in one of the nicest hotels in Las Vegas on Father’s Day. I win Mom of the Year. I am sure in this moment you are enjoying an overflowing bowl of cheerios on a tray with a small glass of juice made by Zoe and McKenzie. I know M was very worried over just that would help her make you breakfast.

But I didn’t fail completely. You will have a special delivery around noon, it’s one of your favorite things and your gift and cards are in my dresser, third drawer down. I know, you’re welcome and I love you too. See? At least I was ahead of the game!

Even thought I may be away on Father’s Day, I wanted to take this moment to say thank you. First, for not being mad at me for having to be away during your holiday. Second, for putting up with this crazy hectic week as I prepared to head to the west coast and leave you with all 5 kids. You’re super-Dad, you can handle it!

Moving on to the sappiness. Get your tissue love! I love you (obvi)but I want to say thank you for all you do. Even though you may reside on the couch slightly more then me, I will look past that and think of the moments you come to my side during 2 year old tantrums, a teething baby, distracting the kids so I can sneak a shower, letting me sleeping in on the weekends, cooking dinner almost every night, weekends included.

I’m not quite sure what I would do without you. I would probably be a crazy woman with all these littles. They love you so much and you’re an amazing Dad. Writing on their behalf I know how much they adore seeing you home on the weekends, getting all the hugs they can when you’re home, wrestling and saying yes when I say no. Yes, thanks for that and the rough housing five minutes before bedtime. Thanks for that too. All in all, I am so glad our fab five can call you Dad, They are so lucky. I am so lucky. We all love you so much!

I know I might not be there today with you to wake you up with breakfast in bed  (I know you miss my shining face!) but know that I am thinking of you today and I promise to give you a rain check for Father’s Day.  And some extra smooches. Until then, I hope you hold the kids close and enjoy every minute with them this Father’s Day. Please give them extra love for me today!

I love you Pookie! Happy Father’s Day!

Lots of love, forever and always —

Xo, Casi

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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